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Bisexual Myths
Having the best of both as the Bicon conference celebrates all that's being bisexual.
Soho Bomber Trial
23 years ago The Admiral Duncan was the scene of a fatal homophobic bomb blast.
4 Decades Of AIDS
To mark World AIDS day we trace the course of the worldwide epidemic of HIV.
Vintage Erotica
See what the unmarried uncle your parents never talked about used to fantasise over.
Gay and Grey
Age Concern say more should be done for older homosexuals.
Time's Up
Surely it's time to call time on Britain's outdated and restrictive licensing laws.
Bad Puppies
We profile the award-winning director of French gay erotica supreme Jean-Daniel Cadinot.
Christmas Comes
MP3 Player, Calvins, a Steps Gold CD...what do you want for Christmas this year?
Go Lomo Not Homo
This summer's hottest camera is available through OutUK!
Working Out
Society's expectations are examined as gay men take on traditionally straight jobs.
Eroticism Examined
Is it true literature or just smut - writers of erotica provide us some answers.
Homo Horrors
Director David DeCoteau combines horror movie camp & unashamed homo-eroticism.
Mark Tewksbury
The Gold Medallist who believes the true Olympic spirit is now in the Gay Games.
Cartoon Cock
Meet Jonas Morecock the gay guy in the most fantastic situations.
Art Of The Needle
Why is there such a trend for gay men to want to be inked as a gay culture essential?
James Earl Hardy
Black and Gay - this award winning novelist talks about his groundbreaking writing.
Pride Toons
Cartoonist Julian Lake draws on his experiences of Gay Pride and adds some humour.
It's Witchcraft!
The classic 1960's tv series Bewitched! and why it really was all about being gay.
The Doctor
Just what is so special about Doctor Who - and why is it so popular with us gay boys?
Life On A Webcam
More on the guys who live their lives in front of a webcam.
The Sex Quiz
How safe is your sex? Find out if you play safe enough in OutUK's exclusive online quiz.
Escort Etiquette
When you're paying for it, should you also be expected to add a tip to the rent?
“I'm the one for you” - The boys who love to message from their smartphones.
My Son Divine
Mother of the notorious drag legend and cult star Divine reveals all about her son.
Aaron Lawrence
OutUK's former sex advisor Aaron Lawrence tells us why he made sex his living.
Net Gains
Are you one of those caught up in a worldwide cybersex online web addiction?
Sexercise To Get Fit
Our five week fitness series explains how to have better erections and orgasms.
Sexercise To Get Fit
Week two of OutUK's fitness series explains how you can jump start your low libido.
The Fight Goes On
Peter Tatchell at 50 carries on his campaign fighting for global human rights.
Sexercise To Get Fit
Week three of our fitness series explains the pros and cons of gaining some muscle.
Sexercise To Get Fit
Week four of our fitness series explains why you should not over do the gym.
Valentine Top 10
Choose a gift for the man of your dreams from our Top 10 Valentine Selection.
A Fine Romance
Elton John and David Furnish voted Britain's most romantic gay couple in Valentine survey.
Sexercise To Get Fit
The final week of our fitness series explains how to learn about your body's limits.
Bears On Bears
Ron Suresha explores being a bear and how it's become a worldwide subculture.
Speedo Queen
Peter Travis created the first swimming trunks that didn't disguise a man's anatomy.
Gay and Grey
Writer Peter Robins enduring view of issues and challenges affecting many older gay men.
Shiny & Happy
Meet the young gay students who tell us they prefer parties with friends to queer politics.
Viagra Alternatives
A well known tiny blue pill is not the only answer to some problems of male erection.
Dyke Bar Boyz
We take a night off from the boys bars and clubs and become a guest of the girls.
Rugby Award
Britain's first Gay Rugby Team receives a special award.
Filthy Waters
The weird world of film director John Waters is explored and revealed.
Holiday Mates
The pros and cons of going away for your holidays with some of those gay friends.
Holiday Mates
The pros and cons of going away on holiday with some of your best straight mates.
Holiday Mates
Footloose and fancy free it's the pros and cons of going away on holiday on your own.
Casement Proven
Researchers prove that the Irish nationalist definitely was gay and promiscuous.
So Cute It Hurts
It can sometimes be tough having good looks say the cute guys we've chatted up.
Military Camp
Combat clones - Are they all really sexy action men or is it just a load of army bull?
Footie Fetish
As the new football season begins we meet Gay Guys who love it up the Arsenal.
Top To Bottom
A Top describes his coming out as a Bottom Boy both mentally and physically.
No Sex Please...
We meet the silent simmering gays who think the world's gone absolutely sex mad.
Cage Gaygency
We check out one of the most technically advanced gay dating sites in the UK.
Age Concerns
John Lockhart talks of the pleasures and difficulties faced by ageing gay men.
Gender Bender
We talk to men who know how it feels to be a woman about their gender identity.
Different for Girls
What gay men need to know about lesbians, their sex and their relationships.
Star Qualities
Charlene Lichtenstein looks at star signs and what they can tell you about your man.
Queer As Houses
So are you gonna be a Kitsch Boy, Chintz Gent or Loft Man in our gay world of interiors?
Red Devil
Richard James is known for his strikingly original novel spanning gay life across time.
Perfect Match
Gay Matches UK is a brand new website dedicated to finding you a perfect mate.
The Lodger
We talk to Drew Gummerson about his first and his most famous gay themed novel.
Jobs For The Boys
Do Gay Men go for some jobs more than others and this is the Top 10 gay occupations.
Travel Insurance
Special deals for gay travellers with no hassle if you're HIV+.
Paying The Rent
A hard-up student decides to sell his body for cash one summer and tell us his story.
Gay Blues
We can all feel down now and again but when should we seek help for depression?
Gay Parenting
We review the options now available to gay couples who want to bring up children.
Up To Speed
What's special about K and true facts about some of today's other designer drugs.
James Dean
The fascination with actor James Dean's sexuality 66 yrs after his fatal car crash.
Artistic Licence
The gay artists who insist there's a big difference between male art and porn.
Splendid Smiles
Brighten your smile, whiten your teeth and save £10 with our great Splendid Smiles offer.
Batty Man Burn
Homophobia, reggae and black attitudes to homosexuality explored after the MOBOs.
Gays and Disability
Abuse and exclusion are just two of the problems gay men with a disability face.
Persian Boy
The ground-breaking gay-themed historical novels of author Mary Renault.
Essex Boys
Years of abuse and jokes have put the sex back into Essex claim local gay lads.
Iraqi and Gay
What it's like to be gay and live under Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq.
Saudi Gays
We discover how gay life survives under a repressive monarchy in Saudi Arabia.
Surviving Male Rape
SurvivorsUK is one of the few groups who specialise in helping victims of male rape.
Auto Erotic
Jeremy Clarkson's pride and joy makes it to OutUK's list of the Top 10 gayest cars.
Spiritual Sex
Bruce Anderson explains how tantra can release all that sexual and spiritual energy.
Queer Counsel
How counselling and therapy can help you with personal and relationship problems.
Scary Thoughts
The highs and lows of scary stuff like parachuting, being stalked and OD'ing on Viagra.
Gay Mafia
It's called networking and it's happening online and at real life events across the UK.
Kinky Boots
These boots are made for walking and for men who like something different too.
Sex Addicts
When does promiscuity turn into a serious addiction to sex that needs treatment?
5 gay guys and 24 webcams mean a house full of mischief all there to see.
Coming Here
As the storm over asylum grows here in the UK, we look at the rules governing gay immigrants.
Small Members Only
Time to hang out with the Small Members Club where size isn't always everything.
Ryan Miller
World class snowboarder Ryan Miller tells OutUK of his goal to make the 2006 Olympics.
Mad About The Boy
We go for a neighbourly knock and check out the charms of the lad next door.
Far From Heaven
Actor Dennis Quaid talks about Todd Haynes' classic gay movie Far From Heaven.
Talent To Amuse
Forty eight years after Noel Coward died we recall the gay icon who never came out.
Mother's Pride
Dear Mum - The complex and differing relationships gay men have with their mothers.
Camp Sights
Fancy a large one? Why gay men should stop camping it up at every opportunity.
The Boys & The Girls
We explore the bond between gay boys and the girls who like to dress to impress.
Geography Club
We talk to the author of what critics describe as one of the finest gay teen novels ever.
Riding Bareback
The second part of our special report on why gay men risk their lives having unsafe sex.
Out Of Fashion
Do gay men still set the fashion trends straight boys follow a year or two later?
Shane Landrum
We talk exclusively to Shane Landrum out gay star of MTV's reality series Road Rules.
Gus Van Sant
Oscar-winning gay director Gus Van Sant talks in Cannes week about his life in movies.
Gays & The Bible
Over this Easter we examine the biblical quotations which say homosexuality is a sin.
Homo History
Historian Robert Aldrich looks at how much the gay present is shaped by the queer past.
Pride Ink
The so must-have fashion accessory for every gay boy at Pride is a rainbow tattoo.
Out At Work
With discrimination at work against gay people soon to be illegal should you come out?
Dangerous Love
Dangerous Love is a new downloadable e-book and we have an exclusive preview.
Queer Eye
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy is the gayest show on US tv and it's coming to the UK.
Gay In Israel
Being gay in Jerusalem and living in the shadow of constant war and violence.
Kobi Israel
Kobi Israel's stunning pics of the male body and soldiers in a vibrant intimate photobook.
First Love
Writer Wes Ferguson recalls his first boyfriend and the problems he experienced.
The Black Tulip
Amsterdam's famous leather hotel is no longer part of the scene.
Larry Kramer
Two years since the loss of writer & activist Larry Kramer who changed our gay politics.
School's Out
With pupils now back at school just why is teaching about LGBT relationships so essential.
Metro Sexual
Gay author and broadcaster Mark Ovenden explains his love of going underground.
Lily made crossdressing mainstream but what's the appeal in everyday life?
Drink And Be Merry!
Hangover Cures, the very best wine with a meal, fashionable cocktails and super champers.
The Elastic Penis
What to say and what not to say if you want a better response to your online ad.
Andrea Steps Out
So, white van man meets Andrea and gets a lot more than he ever bargained for.
Gale Warning
Leading novelist Patrick Gale talks about his approach to writing gay fiction.
Coming Out
East Germany's first and last gay feature film is still available on DVD in the UK.
Robin Newbold's first novel created a vivid picture of gay life in Bangkok and London.
AMG Reborn
Athletic Model Guild fan buys archive to preserve decades of vintage gay erotica.
World Of Leather
The South London store which specialises is made-to-measure leather gear.
Good Old Days !
A compilation of 100 year old silent films shows scenes of some explicit gay sex.
Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton talks 18yrs on about the film Young Adam and Ewan McGregor naked.
On The Couch Again
We enjoy Photographer Tom Bianchi's second collection of photographs on the couch.
Pedro Almodovar
The award-winning director talks of his film about child abuse and the church.
Summer Books
Two hot new books for your shelves reviewed - Sex Bomb! and Adventures Of A Joe Boy.
Queer Catholics
Gay Catholics continue to keep the faith though their religion says they are sinners.
Jason & deMarco
Two gay Christian performers use music to challenge religious homophobia.
Leather Pioneer
Writer and poet Phil Andros was an unashamed pioneer of gay leather sexual liberation.
Schools Out
The controversy over safety for students in our schools is not just about Covid-19.
In Your Face
We examine the possibility of getting infected with HIV through your eyes.
New Romentics
The romantic novel goes gay with a series of still popular books called Romentics.
Doctor's Orders
We visit our local STI clinic so we can check up on those all important health check ups.
Hierarchy Of Hate
A new report shows that prejudice against minority groups is still common.
Golden Girl
OutUK pays tribute to Betty White - a real time Golden Girl if ever there was one.
Shaping Up
Check out our healthy diet plan to help you get fit and shape up for the year ahead.
Somerset Maugham
We mark the birthday of celebrated English bisexual novelist Somerset Maugham.
Getting Pierced
Willem de Blaauw on the pain and the pleasure of a Prince Albert - the ultimate piercing.
Open & Shut Case
An academic study asks whether gay men are happier in an open relationship.
Bill Condon on his film about the man who changed the way we think about sex.
Born Slippy
We get all slippy with it and try out different lubes to see just what slides in the best.
Intimate Strangers
A stunning photo book from the acclaimed Israeli photographer Kobi Israel.
Trouble Boy
Trouble Boy is the acclaimed first novel from London-born gay writer Tom Dolby.
John Waters
Outrageous film director John Waters on A Dirty Shame that was released 17 years ago.
Learn Your ABC
The Terrance Higgins Trust encourage gay men to learn about their Hepatitis A B C.
Mysterious Skin
Mysterious Skin is gay film maker Gregg Araki's best known controversial movie.
Chavs with Attitude
Council Housed With Attitude - the chav phenomenon has been around for two decades.
Pride's Important
Why it's still very important to celebrate our sexuality each year with great Pride.
Lifting The Sheets
Former Porn Performer Andy Dill reveals the myths of being a gay porn star.
Cruise Control
We explore the difference between a healthy sex drive and an actual sex addiction.
Michael Breyette
Gay artist Michael Breyette talks about his passion for painting the male body.
This classic queer film drama presents an authentic picture of gay London in the 1970's.
Beefcake is the film story of Bob Mizer founder of the Athletic Model Guild in 1940s.
Bulging Briefs
Women may have the Wonderbra guys now have the C-IN2 Sling Support Brief.
Cleveland St Scandal
Exactly 132yrs ago members of the House Of Lords were cited in a rent boy scandal.
The Dating Game
Should you start screening that potential new boyfriend just a little bit better.
18 years since the film about Cole Porter, one of the finest writers ever of popular music.
Face the facts
Your face is what you present first to the world so how to you maintain healthy skin?
Sport Homophobia
Homophobia is widespread in sport according to research published by Stonewall.
It's now 15 years since the release of Canadian director John Greyson's film Lilies.
Philadelphia Freedom
The world's first universal gay rights demo took place in Philadelphia USA in 1965.
The Gay Pound
We investigate the myths surrounding gay people and our supposed affluence.
Three Brothers
We talk with porn star Vince one of the three of the stunning Rockland brothers.
Simon Sheppard
Simon Sheppard discusses OutUK's Sex Talk column and his book Hotter Than Hell.
BDSM Training
We've been training at a BDSM discovery night for novice knotters and tweakers.
Stormboy is the new comic superhero who's not only gay but quite a storm!
Ballroom Blitz
With Strictly now back on TV there's no better time for you to perfect that Paso Doble.
Adam & Steve
Actor Craig Chester's Adam and Steve is celebrating 17 years of making us laugh.
Hail Muscle Mary
Our unflinching tale of gym junkies, incredible bulk and the gay pecs ‘n ‘rhoids scene
Gay Cowboys
It's now 16 years since the release of Ang Lee's award winning gay cowboy movie.
Managing Anger
Conflict in relationships is inevitable, but make your feelings of anger positive.
Jealous Guys
Of all the emotions jealousy can be the most detructive force in any relationship.
Bearing It All
Mark Ames co-founder of recently closed XXL club reflects on the bear culture.
Join The Clan
Gay Men just love Le Clan, as the homoerotic and lovingly photographed French classic.
Hunks Of The Year
We countdown the sexiest hunks in the movies from the past year.
The Producers
Nathan Lane talks to OutUK about the film version of The Producers now 15 years old.
Postcard From London
OutUK's Agony Uncle James Connor stars in a DVD that's still a top seller.
Be My Butler
Now you can get a young and hunky semi-nude butler to attend to your needs.
LGBT Domestic Abuse
LGBT domestic violence through the eyes of gay support service Broken Rainbow.
Suck And Slim
The rubber suit that sucks away that spare tyre round your waistline
Fiddling With Nero
This revolutionary toy keeps your prostate healthy and gives you incredible orgasms.
Summer Storm
Director Marco Kreuzpaintner talks about his coming out film called Summer Storm.
The Way We Are Now
A new look at the position of gay men and lesbians in21st century Britain.
Sport and Sexuality
As Blackpool's Jake Daniels comes out we consider being gay and playing sport in 2022.
Wet Wet Wet
It's raining men as we sample the wet fun delights of the Streams Of Pleasure night.
In Bed With Spike
Spike is one of Britain's favourite twink stars and he talks to us about his career.
Reject Buttton
It was fun - I'll call you - then the call never comes - so how do you handle rejection?
Totally Fabulous
16 yrs since the documentary about boy on boy and girl on girl cinema hit our screens.
Far Out East
Just published is a brand new guide to the gay scene in South East Asia.
Back After Lockdown
Now we are able to meet up with friends and family here's how you can look your best.
Work It Out
I used to wake up excited at the thought of a morning workout but not anymore.
Gloria Estefan
It's 15 years on since The Essential Gloria Estefan but she's still as popular as ever.
Jacob Diefenbach
We profile a young gay Australian singer-songwriter with a stunning voice.
Trust is so important in any good relationship but what if things start to go wrong?
Celebrities Nude
The website that tells you the films which feature top celebrities naked.
Gay Families
Is it good for a gay child to be fostered by a single gay parent or by a gay couple?
Blair's Legacy
It's 25 years since Tony Blair became PM and here's how he helped improve LGBT rights.
Top Beaches
Summer's here and here is Trip Advisor's choice of the world's best beach resorts.
Brian Kent
13 years of music in the ever evolving career of the gay pop star Brian Kent.
Apprenticed Again
Time to meet sexy Mika Poika the star of the FreshSX DVD The Apprentice.
New Year Blues
Shake off the New Year Blues with advice and information from OutUK's gay life coach.
Best Of James Connor
Ask James columnist and FreshSX star James Connor talks about his Best Of DVD.
Strap Ons
The jeans you wear halfway down your undies with your flies open too.
USA Elections
Americans go to the polls for the most important elections for more than a generation.
Screen Queens
How some of the films of the 60s and 70s made guys aware that they were gay.
Reds In The Bed
The redheads fight back as we explore both ginger phobia and ginger fetish.
College Boys Live
CollegeBoysLive is the subject of an acclaimed documentary still available.
Fit Boys
12 years of FIT the feature film that tackles classroom homophobic bullying.
Love Hurts
Amongst the romance of Valentine's week we hear of three experiences of gay love.
Grapple Fans Only
Two submissions and a knockout in three different types of gay style wrestling.
Riding Bareback
The first of a two-part special exploring why gay men risk their lives having unsafe sex.
Queer Counsel
Could this be the blueprint for meaningful and long-lasting same-sex relationships.
Warwick Rowers
Meet the Warwick Rowers who take on the homophobes of sport with their 2016 Calendar.
The EU vote for LGBTI
The EU and its crucial role in promoting LGBTI rights and legal equality in Britain.
Pulse Nightclub
5 years have passed and the 49 people killed at Orlando's Pulse are dearly remembered.
It's 20 years since Guru with Jimi Mistry playing a young Indian dance instructor.
Attack on America
We present OutUK Archive items which commemorate 9/11 and its 20 yr aftermath.
Sexy Stocking Fillers
Hot and sexy stocking fillers that bring a Christmas smile to the man of your dreams.
Sexy Stocking Fillers
More hot and sexy stocking fillers that will bring a smile to the man of your dreams.
Sexy Stocking Fillers
More hot and sexy stocking fillers that will bring a smile to the man of your dreams.
Warwick Rowers
Meet the Warwick Rowers who take on the homophobes of sport with their 2017 Calendar.
Sport Allies Report
A new report finds the sports world hostile and exclusive for LGBT+ individuals.
Warwick Rowers
Meet the Warwick Rowers who take on the homophobes of sport with their 2018 Calendar.
Sexy Valentine Gifts
Hot and sexy Valentine's Day gifts that'll bring a smile to the man of your dreams.
Warwick Rowers
Meet the rowers who strip off every year to take on the homophobes of sport.
Surviving Male Rape
The second part of our report on Surviving Male Rape is featuring Andy's own Story.
Hate Mail
Is Britain's most hated newspaper just a sh*t stirrer or a mirror to the masses?
Worldwide Roar
Welcome to the Worldwide Roar project with rowers who strip off for charity.
Amsterdam Pride 2020
Amsterdam plays host to an innovative and virtual Pride Week of events for 2020.
President Joe Biden
Will gay rights advance with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris moving into the White House?
Worldwide Roar
Worldwide Roar 2021 is the sports project with a serious message behind their nudity.
Section 28 Repeal
It's 17 years since the repeal of Section 28 and outright discrimination in schools.
LGBT+ History Month
February sees a month long celebration of LGBT+ history online and throughout the UK.
Bangkok Burning
Robin Newbold's latest novel creates a vivid picture of gay life and death in Bangkok.
Gifts for your man
Hot and sexy Easter Day gifts that'll bring a smile to the man of your dreams.
Worldwide Roar
Worldwide Roar 2022 is the sports project with a serious message behind their nudity.
70 Years A Queen
As HM The Queen marks her Platinum Jubilee, do gay men have anything to celebrate?

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