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Ask James
Ask James

Ask James

Your questions on gay relationships, sex, health and love are answered by Agony Uncle James Connor.
James is 32 and comes from London. He set up FreshSX, where he was a model & porn star. His advice in Ask James is based on experiences as a gay man who enjoys both love and sex.
Fiction Factory
Fiction Factory


OutUK has a new Fiction Factory story every week. If you are a writer you can also find how to get your short gay story in print.
Outspoken Features
The Doctor Returns
Just what is so special about Doctor Who - and why is it so popular with us gay boys?
Visiting an STI Clinic
Will visiting an STI clinic be intimidating and embarrasing if you're gay or will it be OK?
Palm Springs
Palm Springs is the USA's Californian gay oasis in the heart of the Mojave Desert.
Amateur Webcams
Just what's the fascination of watching how total strangers perform in a sexual situation?
A to Z of Gay Health
Maintaining your mental, physical and sexual health:
U - Umbilical Hernia Repair.
Gay Stars
Your astrological guide to the future. What effect will Uranus and the stars have on us boyz?
Outspoken Regulars
OutBack Archive
All the best articles, features and gossip in our archive of more than 20 years of OutUK.
4 Decades Of AIDS
To mark World AIDS day we retrace the course of the worldwide epidemic of HIV.
Covid-19 Gay Health
OutUK's Special Report on Coronavirus Covid-19 and the latest information from the NHS.
OutReach Links
OutReach Help & Resources for Gay Men including Arts, Health, Pride, Travel & Work.
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