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Wrestling in Oil

by Arkansas Sexfighter

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

The stage was set. Trey and I were to battle it out sexually, man to man. Our little wrestling club was gonna get a match to remember. We had been meeting like this since college with some erotic matches but this was gonna be the hottest of all time.

Trey is black, 5'10'', 190lb., in great shape and sports an 8.5'' long monster between his legs. The crowd of about 10 guys and 3 girls were mesmerized by his physique and huge bulge everytime he wrestled. He has a completely smooth shaved chest and public area. I have to admit I was having problems concentrating on the match that laid before me.

I am white, 6'2'', 180lb., also in great shape with a nice thick 7'' cock to be proud of. I tan regularly, so I have a nice thong tan line that everybody loves. I also completely shave my cock and balls, it just feels sexier. My cock was already beginning to stir a little as I looked across the room at Trey.He smirked when he saw my growing bulge and recognized it as a sign of mental weakness on my part.

The Rules: we are to have an erotic oil match. Starting in thongs, trying to strip our opponent and go to work on his dick. First to cum loses the match with the winner to recieve whatever he chooses from the loser as prize.I started in a white thong bikini that was high cut on the sides. The oil made it very transparent and I could see this had Treys cock growing a little as I recieved my oil rubdown from one of the cornermen. Trey chose a bright yellow thong that contrasted his dark complexion perfectly. We were ready for battle, this was to be a sexual battle of will power. Each man trying to hold on against a sexual attack of hands, feet, legs, thighs, and even lips and tongues to force the other man into sexual submission.

We met at the center of the plastic tarp on our knees, I quickly lunged forward and caught Treys left leg pulled back and knocked him to his back. Where I then wrapped up the leg with my right arm and locked his neck in my left for a small package. Trey snaked his right arm out and reached out to massage my cock through my thong. I could feel my dick growing and quickly broke the hold and slid away from him. Trey simply grinned at me and moved in to continue his assault. He jumped at me and caught my head under his muscular left arm, leaving my back exposed. He then slid his arm down my back and grabbed the back of my thong, pulling up the thin material into a wedgie from hell!My Cock and balls fell out of my thong from the force of the wedgie and I heard some people in the crowd cheer at the sight of my semi-hard cock swaying in the air as Trey poured on the pressure. I knew I was already in trouble, and needed to escape quickly.!

The thin material finally gave way with a loud rip as the crowd cheered at the first naked man in the match. I broke away and slid away from Trey who still only grinned at the sight of my 7'' cock standing out for the crowd to see. I moved in on him again, this time chest to chest I grabbed the sides of his thong and pulled up with all I had. His yellow thong wedged deep up his muscled black ass and his dick slid from under it as the crowd went nuts. Trey pushed me backwards and I landed on my back with him following for a pin, but when he pushed, the cotton gave way and ripped freeing his semi-turgid tool to the delight of the crowd!

8.5'' of dick now sat on my chest as I squirmed in the oil beneath him. His cock was growing by the second as the body contact was working on both of us. However, my dick was also almost completely erect as Trey used his gorgeous ass to rub up and down the length of my shaft in an effort to make me shoot my load.! The more I struggled the better it felt! I had to hold off these feelings! Trey slid up my chest, his 8.5'' cock now only inches from my face as he reached back behind himself and started slowly stroking my now rock hard cock. I was getting ready to cum, the crowd was going crazy, they could tell by my facial expressions that I was near the edge, I had to act quick.

Trey got careless, in his jacking my cock he let his cock get to close to my mouth. My arms were pinned by his legs so I had no choice. I slid my tongue along the bottom of his long, thick, shiney black shaft. This caught him off-guard and he could feel the tingling of his own cock as I continued to work on him this way. Trey increased the speed of his assault on my dick and I popped the 8.5'' black snake into my mouth and bobbed my head back and forth. The crowd could see Treys eyes rolling to the back of his head as he fought the feeling that was building in his dick.We were both about to lose it, my dick was throbbing from the non-stop assault of his hands, and I could feel he was just as close from the work of my tongue and lips.

Finally I felt him weaken and I worked my right arm out from under muscleboys leg. I grabbed his super-hard cock and began jacking it like he has never been jacked before. He was about to shoot his load and he knew it! Trey tried to slide off me and regather his scences but I stayed on the attack, as the crowd cheered us on I snaked my legs around him and scissored him at the waist. I then reached for and got hold of his still throbbing cock! It only took a little squeeze of my scissors and about five slow full length strokes of that big black dick of his and he sent a load of cum across the room that drew the cheers of the whole crowd. After he had cum, he just laid there in defeat as I mounted his chest and placed my throbbing 7'' rock-hard cock at his lips to claim my prize, and some much needed sexual relief. First to cum loses matches are the best!

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