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Christmas Sex

by Coyote Tale

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at www.nifty.org and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

Last night, my boyfriend and I had some of the most mind blowing sex ever.

It was a Christmas miracle it ever happened in the first place. We were at my parents house, so we didn't have any lube. My sister was up, so we had to stay quiet. And we had just watched Futurama, so we were feeling pretty mellow and cuddly. But I wanted something in my butt, so I got up to shower and prep myself. But after using the bathroom, I found him curled up tight on the bed. Shrugging it off, I left him a text saying he could join me in the shower if he got up, and started rinsing off. He startled me when he appeared in the doorway, and I invited him in.

We shared our first naked embrace in a week, and my hands grasped desperately at his back as we made out under the water. He was pawing my bubble butt as I grasped at his ass, both of us squeezing handfuls of each other in a need to feel the other molded under our hands. Our eyes were open the whole time, as we tried to take in as much of our lover as we could. My cock was rock hard, pressed right against our abs as his thick meat woke up. Turning off the water, he went down on his knees to appreciate my dick. Deep throating it a couple times, his own cock rose to complete hardness as he blew me. My boyfriend is an amazing cocksucker. His tongue curled around the head, and I ran my hands through his wet hair as his mouth brought my body to higher pleasures. But I made him stand up, because I needed to service his cock.

On my knees, I marveled at its heft with one hand, the other locked on my cock, my eyes meeting his far above me. I wasted no time with licking around the head or slipping my head under his foreskin, like i would do with a lore leisurely blowjob. After a couple thrusts, where I got about half of his cock into me, I held my breath and impaled my head on his meat. I'm proud of how far I've come in that regards. He's longer than average, but his true gift is his girth. "You want this?" he whispered, grabbing my hair and forcing me to look at him.

"Fuck me, babe," I murmured back, reaching with one hand to his dick, positioning it so the head rested right up against my hole. We started by just pushing his head in. It glided in with nothing more than our mixed salivas, and he kept it there for a second to adjust. I held back at first, just letting him fuck me with his head, building up my own need to get drilled. I jerked him off as I pushed his head in, then pulled it all out. It was like that initial penetration, that first feel of bottoming, the elegant pressure as your body gives way to be reshaped by a cock, repeated over and over. The more we did this, the more I needed him all the way inside me, and I could see the primal lust in his eyes, the barely constrained animal that was made to fuck.

While most of the time I was looking back at him fucking me, sometimes I would have to lean against the wall for support, my forehead meeting the tile, as I relied on being caught between a wall and a hard cock to hold me up. He called me his boy, his slut, his love, and I growled the same things back at him. Determined to give him the best Christmas fuck, I clenched my hole on every stroke, imagining my anus was jerking him off as he fucked me. A couple times he paused, his face caught in that half-way-to-orgasm state, and I knew that all it would take to make him cum was a quick tightening of my hole. But I didn't press my advantage; now that his cock was in me I wanted this fuck to last ages. When he slowed his strokes down, I sped mine up, pushing my ass into his pelvis, impaling myself as deep as I could. He marveled at how my butt bounced and jiggled, giving it a couple soft slaps to facilitate more booty waves.

I reached under my legs, fingering the junction where our bodies were fused, wondering if I could slip a few fingers in alongside his cock. Deciding against it this time, because my body does have some limitations, I rubbed my sphincter, loving just how stretched it was. At one point, i was in a daze. I don't remember much except I had reached that nirvana that happens when your entire body has been transformed into a receptacle for men. It only lasted a minute or two, and when I came down from it I realized I had been moaning a little too loud. I looked back at him and said, "I love you."

My cock was aching from how long it had been this crazy hard. I had leaked enough precum to fill a shot glass; I needed release. "Cum for me, baby," he groaned into my ear, and with only a couple strokes on my dick I was shooting my load all over the wall. I can only imagine how it felt for him, with my hole clenching spasmodically around his meat, and I'm surprised he didn't cum right there and then, breeding me with his seed. I was out of my mind with pleasure, my cock firing huge shots, slowly, each one built up from the pressure of him inside me. Still, after I came, I didn't feel drained.

He kept on thrusting in for a few minutes, before telling me to get on my knees. He pulled out, and after rinsing off his dick, I knelt before him staring up at him. His huge cock eclipsed his face, as he stroked it over mine. I licked and kissed the inside of his thighs, until he warned me he was going to cum. I angled my face upwards, a cheeky grin on my lips, awaiting his juice to come raining down on me. The first blast hit my cheek, right underneath my eye, which had been hurriedly closed in foresight. The second shot hit my lips, the rest splattering onto my chest and abs. I looked up at him, my face marked with his love. "Merry Christmas, babe."

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