Bathhouse Fantasy

by Alex Mack

...He stood looking in. Was I to invite him in? Was he to give some sort of sign?...

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

I had never had the nerve to go to the bathhouse before. I don't know why. I am reasonably good-looking, certainly fit and muscular, self-confident, have been told I am attractive by both women and men. I was no stranger to the glory of man/man sex. But the thought, the excitement of meeting some hunk in the bathhouse and having some great sex would get my dick to stirring without fail. The anonymity, the steamy setting, the naked bodies all around coupling, the groans from behind the locked doors built into thin walls, the no attachments, no commitments sex would excite any normal 23 year old male. Yet for some reason I had never gone. I had heard stories that the bathhouse was mostly populated by trolls -- old, out of shape men wanting to suck cock or get theirs sucked. I wasn't sure I wanted to see some old dude having sex. Yet, I know that attitude is wrong. Older people have their sexual needs that deserve to be satisfied too; it should not matter that an older person wanted to suck my cock or any young stud's cock... getting off is getting off.

This past December I lay in my bed with my favorite magazine. The hard bodies and stiff cocks quickly had me in a rigid state of attention. My cock was parallel to my body, oozing its sweet and sour liquid, dripping onto my lower abdomen, spreading and settling in my navel. Taking matters in hand I slowly stroked the length of my 6 inch steel rod. But, the harsh cold wind of the December night rattled my windows; air leaking through miniscule gaps caused my body to chill. Goose pimples broke out on the taught skin covering my body. Even my hot and hard cock broke out with the little bumps. I got out of bed and tried, to no avail, to seal the gaps. I was still cold and had lost my hard-on.

This was not going to work. I needed to get off, to shoot my seed and it was not going to happen here. My dick was now in a flaccid state, but my hormones were still in hyper-drive and demanded I take action. Tonight, I decided with some hesitancy, I would go to the bathhouse and try to partake in the pleasures of the flesh. I bundled myself up against the cold December night air and headed out. The drive took about 20 minutes; the heat in my car did not begin to make a difference until I arrived in the crowded parking lot. Shivering, I sat there and contemplated the temptations that would soon be before me. I left my car and made the short trek to the building.

I entered the building and stood in a small alcove behind a locked door that protected the activity on the other side. I was immediately warm and began to unfasten my coat. Moving up to the counter I was greeted by an older man, 35 or so, behind bars, who was wearing a muscle shirt that displayed his handsome physique. He appeared to have some Italian blood in him. Heavy amounts of hair were apparent in his pits, but his chest appeared to be smooth. He explained the costs. For a one day membership the price was seven dollars. The cost for rooms and lockers varied; I decided on a room with a full size bed and a television -- another 33 dollars for 8 hours of fun. I paid the fees, got a towel, my key, locked my valuables, and was buzzed through the door.

As I moved through the door a strong chlorine scent became apparent; the air a little humid. I went to the left and began the search for my room. The initial corridors were amply lit without being bright. To the left of the corridor I was navigating was a large gym that was sparsely populated: one guy on a bench being spotted by another, one on a treadmill, and another on a strairmaster seemed to be it. Off to the immediate right was the locker area and I could see a few guys, young and old, changing or just hanging there. I moved down the corridor more, turned right and saw the first of the individual cubicles. I found my room rather quickly, went in and changed out of my clothes rather quickly also, wrapped a towel around my naked body and began to walk the maze.

Being unfamiliar with the layout I thought at first I was going around in circles. Moving through the dimly lit halls I saw men laying in beds, some stroking their cocks while observing the comings and goings in the hall, others watching pornos on the televisions in their rooms while they stroked. Several of the men I viewed looked like tempting candidates.

Eventually I found the shower and steam room area. Though familiar with the etiquette of the place through word of mouth only I knew a shower would be in order. I got in and lathered up covering my body with soapy bubbles. I turned and noticed that while lathering I had a small audience of two enjoying the sight of my naked body. A man of about 45 and in fairly good shape winked and nodded at me. He was well toned and had an expanse of hair across his chest, while his stomach was as smooth as a baby's bottom -- just the way I like it. I smiled and returned the nod. The other guy was perhaps my age but slightly overweight and reached under his towel and played with his cock while watching me. I knew the night was going to be fun. But I did not want to yet make a commitment, as I wanted to scope the prey and learn the etiquette.

I rinsed the soap from my body, again wrapped the towel around my waist, and left the shower area. Directly in front of me was a sauna room. Unintentionally I brushed against the older man as I moved toward the sauna. He felt solid, like a lineman trying to protect the quarterback. I opened the door and the hot, dry air hit me immediately. Beads of sweat popped out from my pores soon after I was inside. Several other men populated the sauna. I was quick to notice kissing and hand jobs taking place between the active couples. A couple others just jerked themselves while watching.

My older admirer from the shower entered the sauna and moved toward me. He came up and sat next to me where I had taken a seat on the second row of benches. After he had sat, he opened his towel, displaying his modest woody, growing, I guess, due to the action and anticipated action. He reached over and massaged my thigh; it felt great and my cock also began to harden. There was no resistance to his hand on my thigh so he took matters a little further by unleashing my towel and letting it fall to my sides exposing my growing cock. Though it was somewhat dark in the sauna apparently my admirer had good vision. "Gorgeous," he said.

His hand, which had been on my thigh, found its way to my chest. The rough skin of his hand felt good on my hard pecs. He pinched at my nipples making them firm and pointy. While playing with my chest my cock was reaching its full potential. His hands moved easily across my chest, the sweat induced from the dry heat providing the necessary lubrication. I moved my ass forward on the bench a little, which allowed me to lay my head on the back support. My friend kept massaging my chest. He would move to my taught abs and play there, sticking a finger in my shallow navel almost tickling me. His hand moved to my lower abs and played in my treasure trail. His thumb and forefinger apart, he moved his hand down so that his fingers surrounded my cock. The palm of his hand encircled my shaved ball sack, kneading my testicles as if he were preparing dough for bread.

I was in heaven. This man was close to twice my age, he could have been my father, and he was making me feel like I had not felt in a long time. My head was turning from side to side as I sucked in hot, dry air. My friend kept massaging my balls while he moved his mouth to my nipple. He bit lightly there sending little electric shockwaves throughout my body. He sucked at my nipple, swirling his tongue around the sensitive tip. He let go of my cock but continued to suck and lick around my nipple. He moved across my wide chest toward my arm, lifting it and burying his face in my pit. He licked firmly, lustily at my pit. I could hear him inhale my scent and groan with approval. He wasn't touching my dick, but the copious amounts of fluid dripping from it indicated how happy it was.

My friend lusted in my pit for what seemed like a long time. Hell, I felt so good I really don't know how long it was. But, he finally, sadly, removed himself for my pit and was quickly on his knees between my legs engulfing my manhood. I don't know the how the fuck he got down there so damn quick, but the feel of his hot mouth around my hot cock was incredible. The human body has a temperature of 98.6 degrees but his mouth felt hotter than the air in the sauna. He bobbed his head up and down my length, wrapping his tongue around as much of my girth as he could. I was so close to cumming; I had needed this all night. He kept sucking and also massaged my balls again. I was moaning telling him I was about to cum, telling him to suck my cock, telling him how great it felt when I finally erupted sending my jiz into his mouth. He sucked it down, each swallow massaging my cock more, pulling more fluid from deep within my body into his greedy mouth.

I was breathing heavily; I though I might pass out taking in so much hot air so quickly. I opened my eyes and noticed that many of the other's eyes were on us. A couple of guys stood close to better see the action, stroking their cocks while they watched. My friend licked at my softening cock, taking care to avoid the now tender head. He let my cock fall from his mouth and it flopped onto my belly. He kissed and licked his way up my body until our lips met and we enjoyed a lusty kiss. I could taste my lingering seed on his tongue. While we kissed I played with his firm chest, played in the hair, moved my hands to his smooth abs loving the contrast between the hair and soft taughtness of his skin, then back to his chest where I tweaked his pointy nipples, eager to return the favors he had given me. But my friend broke our kiss, said thanks, and left the sauna.

I was slightly disappointed but hell, I had been there all of maybe an hour so I had plenty of time. I sat and recuperated a little, observing those who were coupling. I got up, took my towel and walked directly across to the shower to rinse and cool my body. I dried my body and then headed to my room to relax and watch some cock sucking action on the television.

Once in my room I left the door wide open, threw my towel on the table adjacent to the bed and sprawled out naked on the cool sheets. Two channels of cock sucking action were available for viewing. I settled on one that happened to have Ken Ryker in it and enjoyed the view. Men cruising the halls stopped to look, taking in the view of my hard prone body on the bed. Several men were strikingly handsome, almost Playgirl type models, and I could easily have gotten my cock up again for them. None of them showed any immediate interest in sharing my bed.

I had noticed one young man, maybe a couple of years older than myself who cruised by several times. He had jet-black hair and pale eyes, though I was uncertain as to the color. The way his white towel dipped below his narrow waistline I could tell in the dim light he was nicely tanned. His body was smooth except for the trail leading to his love tool. He was obviously muscular but had a layer of baby fat covering his body, almost similar to Tom Cruise in "Risky Business." The whole package suggested manliness with boyish qualities. Very tempting, very interesting, definitely exciting, and certainly fuckable.

Over the next several minutes my admirer passed by door many times, often standing and looking at me, making no other movement to suggest interest in sharing my bed. Again, I was unsure as to the etiquette of the place. Was I to invite him in? Was he to ask or give some sort of sign? He came by again and stood looking in. Almost on automatic pilot I placed my hand on my cock and began to play. He moved to my door and stood in the entryway.

"My name is Tyler; like some company?" he asked.

His voice was stunning and fit the rest of the package. It resonated with deep masculinity, yet had a comforting quality to it.

"Sure. I'm Alex," I said.

I moved to make some room on the narrow bed. Tyler closed the door behind him after entering the room, removed his towel and threw it next to mine. I noticed his eyes first. They were a pale blue, which was in stark contrast to what one would expect with his jet-black hair. This gave him an even sexier quality. Then I noticed his cock. His cock, in its flaccid state, hung maybe five or six inches. He squeezed in the bed next to me. Our arms went around each other; our hard chests touched; we kissed. All the while I could hear Ken Ryker enjoying the blow job he was receiving on the television.

As we kissed I noticed his scents. His breath was sweet. His body was clean. He wore a cologne that was woody in nature -- how appropriate. Our hands explored all reachable parts while our tongues danced. Our hardened dicks were firmly lodged between our bodies leaking pre-cum, helping to lubricate the slight humping that we were engaged in. As I felt his body I was even more turned on by the contrast between the hard large muscles that were covered by that layer of baby fat. Again that sexy difference between man and boy. His entire being was one of contrasts.

Tyler pushed me completely on my back, centered my body on the bed and placed himself in a push-up position over my body. Our cocks touched as Tyler lowered his hips, laying his cock next to mine and firmly on my lower abs. He pumped his cock against my stomach scraping my cock as he did so. He lowered himself as if performing the dip part of a push-up. Our lips met again and I began to thrust my hips in unison with Tyler.

Tyler broke our kiss and moved his lips to my neck. He licked and gently bit me there, sending wonderful shivers throughout my body. He lowered himself further onto my body eventually pressing against me, supporting himself with one arm while the other massaged a pec. He kissed further down my neck and then to my chest where he suckled on a nipple for a while. He moved lower sucking and licking my abs, cleaning my navel with his tongue. Fuck, it all felt so good, so damn good. Onto my lower abs where he licked and played in my pubic hair. Eventually my dick was poking his cheek, the pre-cum flowing, causing my dick to glide over his cheek. His tongue reached out and flicked at my purple head. My hips thrust trying to gain entry for my cock into his hot mouth. His tongue flicked the head again, my hips thrust again. This went on for what seemed like an eternity. Tyler was teasing me, keeping me hot, and keeping me yearning for entry into his mouth. Finally he flicked again and I thrust mightily. My cock again met resistance but I held my hips forcing my cock to remain at his mouth. Tyler opened his orifice. Finally I was IN.

"Oh shit, yeah," I moaned.

Tyler held my cock in his mouth, not sucking nor bobbing his head nor tonguing my tool. He began to maneuver himself around so that eventually his dick was over my face. I reached up and pulled his long, thick love muscle to my mouth and quickly engulfed the length of his shaft. Tyler moaned gratefully sending shockwaves through my cock and body.

Since I had cum explosively earlier with my older friend I was good to go for a while, but the miracles Tyler was performing on my cock might force a quick orgasm that was more powerful than my first. He knew how to suck cock without a doubt. As I sucked him the pleasure he experienced forced moans from his masculine throat adding vibrations onto my cock. It felt great, so wonderful, that I too was moaning giving back the same wonderful feeling. Our bodies were hot and sweating profusely. Beads of sweat dripped from Tyler's body onto mine; I could almost hear it sizzle. We were both getting near the edge. Our moans became stronger adding more stimulation to our cocks. We both tried to force our cocks deeper into each other's throats. Tyler moaned harder, his breath ragged and animalistic through his nose. He grunted strongly and without warning dumped his semen down my throat. This set me off and shortly I unloaded my second cum of the night down my new friend's throat.

We lay in our 69 position for a few minutes recuperating. I massaged his hard baby fat covered ass, again another contrast, as we lay there. Tyler removed himself from the top of my body; I moved over to the side and again we laid together, cuddling and watching the remainder of the porno on the television. We both dozed off an on for a couple of hours. Tyler leaned in gave me a quick kiss, a love pat on my cock and readied to leave.

"I am usually here on Saturday's," he said. "Will I see you again?"

"Definitely," I said. "Definitely."

I did meet Tyler on several occasions at the bathhouse and had a lot of other great experiences with others. My only regret was that I did not go to the bathhouse sooner.

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