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Fun In Germany

by Austin

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

Almost a year ago I was stationed in Germany, at Ramstein. I had been there about a year and had about a year to go. My girlfriend and I were going through some hard times, going through the whole separation anxiety thing, I guess. I was doing just fine. I'm a Sergeant in the Air Rescue Unit so I'm stacked. I'm about 6 foot 3 inches, wide shoulders and extremely toned. My grandparents had been German immigrants so I fit right in except for the haircut, I even spoke the language pretty good.

I never really thought I was Gay per say, Bisexual at most, but some of us guys had our fun. So since I'd been there for a year I had a week of leave coming up. My girlfriend was being a bitch so I didn't even tell her. I figured I could get a cheap train ticket to Hamburg for a week and check out the scene. I had heard it was fucking hot. Everything to do with sex and partying.

So I packed, got my leave papers on a Thursday night and took off. I got into Hamburg about 9 o'clock and took a taxi to my hotel. I was staying at the Eden on St.Georg Street so I wasn't far from anything. The place wasn't too bad. I came down stairs and decided to ask the concierge, or whatever she was, behind the desk where I could find some fun. She gave me weird look, like either she couldn't believe I could speak good German or she was appalled at the idea of "finding some fun". Then after a second she leaned over and asked me what kind of fun, and I said the hard kind.

She smiled a second and told me that whatever I wanted was around the scene located in the St.Georg area, near Berliner Tor and along Lange Reihe. But she told me that the P.I.T. on Pulverteich was good as any place to start. Best "hard" club in town she told me.

I thanked her and made my way outside. The night was cool and fresh. I walked most of the way enjoying the sights. God there were a lot of hot women and men here. I saw a couple of other military guys but they were too fucked up to care about me. Before I knew it I was there. It looked hot & imposing. The line wasn't too bad and I got in about half an hour for 6 euros. Once inside I had to take a deep breath. The place was on fire. I got a drink from a super sexy bartender and almost had it drank by the time I got nudged to the dance floor. They had a bath set up in the middle, like a shower. There had to 15 guys soaking wet and gyrating next to each other. They were about a half a second from serious fucking and man was it an awesome tease.

I danced for about half an hour with different guys and decided to go outside for a bit to catch my breath. I went out the side to the patio area and saw about 10 of the most perfect beautiful young boys lounging around. They had there shirts off and were wearing hot pants with nothing else. They couldn't have been a day over 18. I immediately got a hard on and just stared. After a second or two a guy came out and said it's time and they all got up and sauntered into the club. Whatever the hell this was I had to see it.

I went back in and saw that they had cleared off an area on the dance floor and saw these boys lining up. For the next half hour I saw the most exciting strip show of my life. They ground themselves into each other, kissed, rubbed each others cocks, and just gave the best striptease ever. After they were finished and several of the guys in the back too, they came out to mingle. I ordered another drink and when I turned back around I felt a arm around my shoulders.

"Ich mochte lecken und mochte Sie alle uber, von Kopf zu Zeh saugen." He said.

I turned around and there was one of the boys, all sweaty and breathing hard. I just about blew a wad in my pants! I had just got told that he wants to lick and suck me all over! Holy Shit! He said that he worked for an agency called "Haus jungen Mannes" (The House of Young Men) and that it was a special club where they got to chose who they would have as patrons. He told me he had seen me outside and that he always wanted to be with a military guy.

I was in shock so he led me outside and said that he would bring a buddy of his along too if I wanted. I just asked how much would it cost me and he said 500 euros. Which was no problem, I saved all of my money anyway. So the other kid, who was just as hot as the other met up with us and they said that they could come to my room or I could go with them. I said my money is in my room so why don't we go there.

I got them into the hotel no problem, they were used to it I guess. As soon as I got my money out and put it on the table they pushed me into the bed and started to do a whole other strip show just for me! I had to spread my legs and rub my aching cock or it would've exploded.

They stripped to their speedos and then jumped me. I laid back on the bed and they ripped my shirt and jeans off in about 2 seconds. One, his name was Jon, started French kissing me and rubbing my dick and the other, Max, started licking up my legs and massaging my balls. Jon straddled my chest and stuck his meat in my face. For being 18 years old he had a nice cock. It had to be 8 inches! I started sucking on like it was the last cock on earth. He started moaning extremely loud.

Max finally had licked and kissed up to my cock and he started sucking on it. I couldn't take it. I blew in less than a minute. He swallowed of course and kept sucking. Of course I got hard again. After about 6 minutes Jon started bucking and he blew a huge wad in my mouth. I swallowed all I could but some leaked out the corners of my mouth and he leaned down and licked it off of my face. They both got off of me and Jon and I sandwiched Max's dick in between our mouths.

He said, Why don't we have a fuck train?"

So we both said, "Hell yeah!" and I got in the middle. Max got in front of me and Jon behind.

I hadn't had anal sex too many times and Jon noticed so he spit on his condom covered dick and shoved it in real slow. Max's ass looked tight but not too tight so I just stuck my 8 and a half inch rubbered up cock right in and we all started fucking.

We did that for a while then Jon and Max switched and after about 20 minutes we all were getting ready to climax so I pulled out of Jon and Max pulled out of me and I laid down. They got on opposite sides of me and we all started jacking off and with some loud grunts and moans we all shot our loads. Max and I shot our cum onto my stomach while Jon shot his load all over my face. They sort of plopped down on me on either side and our juices coated our bellies. So we spent the next ten minutes making out and licking the cum of each other.

They said they had an awesome fuck and wanted to know if I could go anymore because I had their services all night. I was ecstatic! So I suggested we take a shower and see what happened. We went into the bathroom and all got into the shower and proceeded to not only clean each other but fuck again in the shower too. After that I told them my cock couldn't take anymore so we went to sleep I each others arms.

I woke up and told them I would be there all week and they told me that if I wanted they could alternate between themselves and two other guys the rest of the week. It would only cost me 400 euros a day. Of course I said yes and had so much sex the rest of the week I don't know how I ever went back to base!

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