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Photo Session

by Too Hot In Bama

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

The spa where I worked out three or four times a week added a new free weight area, and before long there were throngs of power lifters and body builders queuing up to pump their magnificent bods. Then one day the owner, Jim, asked if I'd do him a favor and shoot portraits of a body builder, Ken, who had just won a district contest. Jim wanted to use Ken's picture in an ad promoting his spa as the new "in" place for body builders. I said sure.

Ken's appointment was my last of the day. I'd given myself plenty of time to experiment with the lights and camera angles so I could do a good job. Jim had told me that Ken would want to warm up with a few exercises and light weights to get pumped before the session.

This was a far cry from wedding portraits and baby pictures. I picked up a copy of a body building magazine to see samples of the standard photos. Having done my homework, I felt prepared.

Ken showed up on time wearing street clothes and carrying a duffel bag. He was black, a light brown, "coffee with cream" color, and about 22 or 23. In regular clothing, he certainly didn't look like a body builder.

In the shooting room we exchanged small talk and pleasantries as I double-checked my equipment. Ken began taking his clothes off, and I saw that he was wearing red bikini briefs under his pants. He said he would model in those. I invited him to use the dressing room, but he shrugged as he was just about nude by then. As I checked the exposure setup, looking at the f-stop and shutter speed compulsively, Ken began doing pushups. His lanky body transformed itself before my eyes into a body of steel: veins became more prominent, his arm muscles became defined, and his neck looked strong as an ox's.

He rolled onto his back and began a series of crunches to bring out his abs, then did a series of deep knee bends. As I took meter readings and twisted lights into position, I could hardly keep my eyes off this hunk.

From the duffel bag he removed a 25-pound weight and began his arm exercises, and again I was surprised at the transformation. By now his chest and arms were so well defined I didn't think we'd need the oil. But Ken insisted, saying it was standard procedure for photos.

He brought out a bottle of Vitamin E oil and, in front of the full-length mirror at the back of the room, he began spreading the clear liquid.

"Why don't you do that under the lights so we can see the effect?" I said. Ken walked to the ceiling-to-floor canvas background, and I brought a portable full-length mirror and placed in right in front of the tripod so that the camera lens was directly above.

"Since this is the first time I've made this type of shot, the mirror will help us get the exact pose you want," I explained. Ken liked the idea.

Under the modeling lights I could see that he was applying the oil unevenly, leaving some areas well defined and sharp while other muscle groups seemed flat. I explained that it would help if I applied the oil as he watched in the mirror at camera position. He agreed, and I began working the liquid into his neck and chest muscles.

Ken was pure lean Grade A beef. Like an Olympic athlete, he probably carried no more than 3 percent body fat, if that much. As I massaged, I remarked about his perfect body and he shyly said it took many years of daily workouts to achieve it, and that he wasn't yet satisfied with his bulk.

Like most bodybuilders, Ken had shaved his body hair. As I touched his bulging muscles, I knew he had one of the most perfect bodies I'd ever seen. I was getting hot and hoped he wouldn't see the growing tent in my pants. I spread the oil over his erect nipples and fought the urge to suck one into my mouth. I worked my way down to his abs, constantly checking my work in the mirror to make sure the light and oil worked together to highlight everything.

I got down on my knees to spread oil on his legs. Ken's thighs were like tree trunks. I began with his calf muscles and worked my way up methodically. When I got to his thighs, I saw the distinct outline of his erect cock straining at the bikini. I continued rubbing the oil higher, spreading it between his legs and to the area just below his exposed ass cheeks.

"You do good work -- it's looking great," he said, checking himself in the mirror.

"The only problem is the area around the briefs," I said, still on my knees before him. Without asking, I pulled a legband open and gently moved my oily fingers beneath the fabric and in a slow, deliberate motion spread the oil toward his basket, my fingers brushing his balls in the process. His dick got harder -- it was eight inches of prime fat-free muscle, truly a low-calorie meal with lots of protein, I mused. I repeated the process under his other leg band, then put more oil on my hand and pulled his waistband down. As I massaged the oil into his hard abdomen, the head of his dick popped up above the waistline.

"My!! Even your cock is muscled," I said with a grin. I tugged the bikini downward and grabbed his dick with my oily hand and began jacking his meat lovingly. Ken didn't say a word. He closed his eyes and his breathing came faster. I took him into my mouth, and oh! what a delicious thing it was!! Honey, it was the most mouth-watering prick I'd ever sucked. The combination of his salty pre-cum, the scent of the oil and the man-smell from his crotch made me go wild as I rode that cock desperately with my mouth. His ball sack rode low and occasionally slapped my chin, and I got a handful of his balls as I lathered his crown and shaft with my tongue. I just can't describe how exhilarating it is to have a big stud completely at the mercy of my tongue.

His dick and balls were framed by manicured pubic hair which was trimmed for the bikini. I took his balls into my mouth as I stroked his slick rod. I kissed the back of his nut sack, and turning at a nearly impossible angle, thrust my tongue between his ass cheeks to his puckered hole. He moaned audibly as I repositioned myself behind him and spread his cheeks for better access. I pushed my tongue until I felt it break through the ring of sphincter muscles, then I tasted the heady musty treasure of his intimacy. With my right arm extended between his legs, I jacked his dick as I tongue-fucked his hole.

I could tell by his breathing that he was about to cum, so I stopped beating his meat and probing his ass.

"Hold it, sweetie -- I want to drink your load of cum!"

I positioned myself in front of him again and inserted an oiled finger inside his butt. My head bobbed back and forth hungrily on his huge throbbing cock as I finger-fucked him. Then, feeling he was right on the verge of cuming, I pushed my finger deeper and massaged his prostate. His sphincter muscles clamped tight on my finger. He erupted. The blast of cum was overwhelming. My mouth filled from his first burst, and there were five more to cum. I hadn't thought it possible to swallow as fast as I did that afternoon. It was the messiest, horniest and most joyous sex I'd ever had.

When I got up, my face, hair and shirt were full of cum splatters and dribbles, so I took off my shirt.

"May as well take off those pants too," Ken said, grinning.

I smiled back and obliged. I noticed that he had worked up a sweat, which beaded nicely atop the coating of oil. Jacking my erect 7 inches as I studied the scene, I said, "Why don't we take the pictures before we lose the effect of the oil and sweat."

Ken's semi-erect penis managed to fit back snugly into the bikini and I worked quickly at the camera, allowing Ken to strike pose after pose, using the mirror in front of the camera to get it right. We did full body shots, close-ups, profiles, everything. Finally, with only a few frames remaining, I walked over and tugged down his bikini. He stepped out of them and I tossed them out of camera view.

Pumping his dick with my hand, I kissed him, letting my tongue explore his mouth. Then I said, "Do you mind if I take a few shots for my private collection?"

"Sure, man. Anything you want!"

I got back on my knees and gave him another tongue-lashing, and when he was fully hard again, I returned to the camera and finished up with a series of close-ups and three-quarter views. If I never saw Ken again, at least I could jack off with these visual memories.

Neither of us lost our hard-on in the meantime, and I told Ken I would just die if he didn't fuck my ass.

"Well, come on over here then!"

I got down in front of him, presenting my hole to him as I rested my head on my arms. I felt him position himself behind me, and then he rubbed oiled fingers into my hole. His fingers felt wonderful as he fucked them in and out of my hole briskly to distribute the oil. I heard the squeez-sputter of more oil and looked between my legs, past my hard-on, and saw him oiling his big brown cock so that it glistened and dripped.

He moved forward and I felt his cockhead press against me, and I returned the pressure. We were so slick that he plunged like lightning to his full length in one swift motion.

"Fuck me hard! Fuck me!! Do it babe!!! Make me your cum-slut!!!!"

Ken banged my ass in a fast set of long, deep thrusts, going to the hilt each time and slapping his balls against me. Thanks to the mirror at the tripod, I watched Ken fuck my hole without mercy, arching his back, leaning his head back with his eyes closed. The fullness inside me and the aroma of male sex caused me to shoot wad after wad of white globs onto the unfurled canvas background that covered the floor. Ken must have fucked me steady for nearly a half hour without slowing, and my dick came back to life and I came yet again. I found myself slamming back into his loins just as forcefully as he thrust forward. Then he came. If his orgasm in my mouth was masterful, then surely this one took "Best of Show." He slammed forward and held tight as he hosed my gut, then pulled back again and repeated, altogether erupting 7 times. My hole felt big enough to drive a car through. And I'd never been shot so full of cum.

I relaxed and lay on my stomach, and without coming out of me, Ken lay on my back. We dozed, and I awoke awhile later to the incredibly sensual feeling of Ken's semi-hard cock up my ass. Finally, he pulled out of me, to my great disappointment, and got up and extended a hand to help me up. As I stood, cum flowed from my hole and dripped from my balls and ran down my legs.

Ken and I kissed and cuddled, and I asked if he'd like to come over the next day -- at closing time, of course -- to view the contact sheets and make his selection for enlargements.

"I just love to make *enlargements*," I told him.

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