First Published: October 2023
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Strictly Beautiful ... 10, 10, 10, 10
A same-sex dance routine between two professionals on BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing has wowed viewers. The routine started off the Sunday evening results show on 15th October 2023 and featured professional dancers Nikita Kuzmin and Vito Coppola.

Nikita is the very good looking and talented Ukrainian dancer and choreographer who this year is teamed up with West End star and the BBC's Bad Education Layton Williams who recently did the narration for the UK's first gay dating show I Kissed A Boy.

This routine however was professionals only, and Nikita and Vito danced to a cover version of the Coldplay track, Something Just Like This.

The passionate and romantic routine was widely praised by viewers in the press and on social media. “Absolutely gorgeous,“ said one commentator on YouTube. “Stunning from Vito & Nikita. The storytelling was sublime. Made me quite emotional tbh. It was everything I had hoped it would be. WOW. The affection they both showed towards each other was so heartwarming to see.“

“Heterosexual 60+ woman here, in floods of tears. What a beautiful performance, we need more of this, absolutely joyous.“ said another.

Another comment from social media said, “That Professional Dance has to be one of my favourites ever! Nikita and Vito's chemistry was amazing and the storyline brought me to tears, more same sex dances please. 10 from me!! I loved it“. Another person added “Absolutely gorgeous. Stunning from the two guys. Love them! That was EXCEPTIONAL @kuzmin__nikita @Vito__Coppola so lovely, the storytelling was sublime“.

Strictly Come Dancing first featured a pair of professional male dancers performing a routine together in 2019. Many viewers loved it but it also sparked 200 complaints to the BBC. Since then they have featured several same sex couples as compeditors and professionals, including boxer Nicola Adams with Katya Jones, Richie Anderson with Giovanni Pernice, and John Whaite with Johannes Redabe who went on to be runners-up in 2021.

Strictly Come Dancing can be seen on BBC1 every Saturday evening around 7pm, with the results show airing the following night. We look forward to many more dances as good as this!


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