If you're looking for the most amazing orgasm ever then you should try a prostate stimulator such as the Nexus Nero. Not only is it specially designed to stimulate the male G-spot, the prostate gland, but it is also designed to improve its health too. We've been giving it a road test.
We are talking here about a stimulating device for the male G-Spot, a.k.a. the prostate gland. It works by stimulating this walnut sized gland, which is called a prostate massage. Prostate massage has been used for centuries for two purposes Ė intense sexual pleasure, and improving the health of the prostate gland. These stimulators like the Nero are designed to do both of these things with ease, but is primarily a sex toy.

The prostate is the male sexual director, and controls all the action as far as erections, orgasms and ejaculation goes.

When the prostate, perineum and penis are all stimulated at once, you can be transported to altered mind states and be privy to ecstatic pleasures like none other. The prostate alone can do all of these things, when stimulated in the right way.

Many of the stimulators, like the Nero, are made from medical grade plastic and is particularly good at stimulating the prostate and perineum, which provides health benefits such as cleansing and detoxifying the prostate. It uses the bodies own movements and responses, so it canít damage the delicate tissue of the rectum, but works in harmony with the body. It also has the benefit of being a hands-free device.

There are health benefits for all men, not just men with painful problems such as prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate causing pain) and BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, enlargement of the prostate causing urinary tract problems). Massaging the prostate encourages a fresh blood supply, purges toxins and excess fluid, while keeping the little donut robust and healthy.

The Nero has been carefully designed to create the perfect trigger for full body, non-ejaculatory orgasms, which can last up to two minutes and are able to be repeated many times. The orgasms derived from this device are completely different to ordinary penile orgasms. While men can have mind-blowing orgasms alone, and without ejaculating, some users report that using it during intercourse is another sensation in itself. It increases blood flow to the penis, making it harder, and subsequent orgasms are much stronger, with more fluid being ejaculated.

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