He’s had a string of one man shows, been an English teacher in Germany, a sex educator, a fitness instructor, a competitive figure skater, a backup singer for Kristine W and a cast member of the very gay popular musical, Naked Boys Singing in New York. the multi-talented Brian Kent had his sights set on pop superstardom with the release of his album, Breathe Life.
Brian has been talking with OutUK correspondent Duane Wells.

A slick dance/pop smorgasbord filled with club and radio friendly tracks, Breathe Life marks the beginning of a new chapter in the ever-evolving career of Brian Kent as it takes listeners on a sweet ride through the lessons the singer has picked up along his journey.

I spoke with Brian as he darted across the country promoting the release of his pop album his with a score of appearances.

Listen at www.brian-kent.com
Here’s what Brian had to say about Germany’s wildest fans, his close encounter in Las Vegas with the Elton John classic “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me” and what he really thinks about dance divas Kristine W and Martha Wash.

OutUK: So Brian you’re about to do a ton of promotional events in support of your music, how do you feel about hitting the road as a solo artist with a full-length collection to your credit this time out?

Very excited… and nervous at the same time! It’s one thing to have a single track out, but another to have an entire album. It’s almost as if you make yourself that many times more vulnerable ‘cause there’s no one else to blame. Despite that, I’m eager to get it out there and share my experiences through the music.

OutUK: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you on the road in your career?

When you’re on the road, so many things can go wrong! Going from city to city and venue to venue, you have no consistency and every show is a whole new experience. I have a million stories of crazy things that have happened, but the one I remember well was in Vegas at the Las Vegas Hilton. I was performing “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” and the keyboard player (who was actually the bass player) started playing the wrong part. Everyone in the band was trying to find where the hell we were and recover… meanwhile, I had no idea where we were either, so I lost the lyrics (an American Idol no no)… I started to sing anything that came to my mind (some of which made no sense at all), but I stuck to my guns and kept singing. The audience started cheering and applauding… they knew what was up and loved it!

OutUK: Now tell me about your gay fans in particular. I know female fans have been known to toss their underwear onto the stage when they get overheated by a sexy act. What unusual displays of affection have you gotten from your fans?

BK: I was in Hamburg, Germany doing a show for their Gay Pride Festival… it was the official after party and these Germans were ready to party! I came out on stage and about half way through my first number, the boys were taking off their shirts, throwing them up to me, and holding their hands up for me to throw them back! I spent more time catching and throwing shirts then I did doing my choreography! It wasn’t underwear, but it was a blast!
OutUK: You also toured as a back-up singer for Kristine W. for a couple of years, what was that experience like?

Amazing! She is such a talented performer and I learned so much just being around her. She was always able to handle anything that came her way during a show. I remember being at a show where the sound went out…she picked up her saxophone and started playing for the crowd… they went WILD! I hope some of that “live performer / handle anything that comes your way” gift rubbed off on me!
OutUK: Speaking of divas who can handle anything, I noticed that you opened for Martha Wash at Palm Springs Gay Pride, was that an exciting proposition for you?

You have no idea! When I first heard, I thought my manager was playing a joke on me because he knew I loved her! Bottom line, she’s a Diva, and opening for someone like her is an amazing opportunity and quite the compliment.
OutUK: Next to last question, since you were a bit of a staple in Las Vegas for a while, tell me the one gay secret in Sin City that most gay visitors to the city miss out on?

Well, I haven’t lived in Vegas for some time, but some of the most fun places to go are not touristy at all… as a matter of fact, a majority of the really fun places that I used to go were made up of mostly locals. If you don’t look closely or ask a local, you may miss out on what could prove to be a good time!

OutUK: Final question, what would you like to say to your fans and those who might not yet know you in the cities the you’re headed to?

I always try to bring a performance to each show… while that might sound redundant, it’s really not… with every track I tell a personal story, I try to create an energy that gets people moving and causes them to be moved. More than anything, I try to connect with my audiences so they leave feeling the passion, charisma, and emotionality that I have for music and life.

Brian Kent continues to be no stranger to the pop dance music scene. From reaching the Top 40 Billboard Club chart to being named one of Logo’s Top Artists of the Year, Brian has continued to churn out hit after hit throughout his music career. Recent releases include "On Every Page" will feature remixes done by Wayne G, Nick Bertossi, and James Torres. The track was written about the sudden loss of friends from suicide in Brian’s world and will also be used to raise funds for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to continue their research, education and initiatives to help stop suicide.

Most recently Brian started his own station on Pandora Radio, and he's also to be found on Amazon Music. He's teamed up once again with Wayne G for the song "Proud" written by Ruth Cunningham and John Shanks which is a track dedicated to his supportive parents, something not every child gets.

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Find out more about Brian Kent and listen to his tunes at www.brian-kent.com


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