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Brit Boys are the biggest texters in the World, whether it be DM, SMS, MMS, Whatsapp or Mighty Text, according to latest figures just released. It seems like guys in the UK have given up speaking to friends on the phone, and send messages instead, and, as OutUK's Paul Taylor reports, it's gay boys who like to text the most.

Over a billion messages are being sent every month in the UK and us boys are using them to make dates, cancel them, find new partners and dump them, gossip with friends and report back on just what did happen last night.

In fact so popular is texting, that nowadays the familar phone chirp of a message arriving is a much better way of seeking out another gay man than gaydar ever was.

Some guys are so addicted they just can't give up texting at anytime. One friend of mine regularly texts during dinner in even the most posh restaurants, and he's even been known to answer a text message within seconds saying "CTN BF SXWME" (Can't talk now Boyfriend having Sex with me).

Mark says it all started a year or so ago, the first time he met Paul. His new friend had just bought a brand new state of the art phone and wanted to use it every moment he could. Mark says, "It was a good way of getting his attention. At first our messages were quite tame, 'I LUV U',' Hot 4 U' or "Me&u 2nite" but then we started sending jokes, or even messages from our computers to our phone (expensive!) and things started getting quite raunchy. I got really addicted, if I didn't get a message every hour or two I got really upset."

There are three great rules for hooking up with the man you're after: 1) Make him laugh, 2) Make him think, and 3) Make him really want you. Showing him that you have a good sense of humour, you do possess a brain and you have just the body he's after, is the fastest way to text yourself straight into his arms.

Text messaging has certainly been responsible for its fair share of relationships and their breakups. It's easier than an awkward phone call when you fancy the pants off someone, and if you want to dump them and can't do it face to face then text messages just can't be beat.

INUIM BY - It's not you it is me, bye
ItsU BY - It's you
2g4u By - Too good for you Bye
UR dumped - You are dumped
No gd xcuz BY - No good excuse, bye

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Although it's not the easiest way to communicate text messaging is cheap, with many people nowadays having unlimited texts included with all their calls. Once you've got to grips with the small keyboards you can really enjoy the fun of those short and sweet messages. Gay men find it compulsive, with more and more strange and bizaare messages being sent. Here's OutUK's own list of the most popular and the most unusual:

Adctd2Luv - Addicted to Love
AML - All My Love
BdBy - Bad Boy
BF - Boyfriend
BF SXWME - Boyfriend having sex with me
BSD - Back Soon Darling
BGWM - Be gentle with me
CraZ - Crazy
CLd9? - Cloud 9
CSTnknAU - Can't stop thinking about you
CTN - Can't talk now
CUIMD - See you in my dreams
CYA L8ER - See you later
FantaC - Fantasy
F2T - Free to talk
Forgt It - Forget it
GAL - Get a life
Hot4U - Hot for you
ILY - I love you
ILUVU - I love you
ILB18 - I'll be late
IdntDserveU - I don't deserve you
ImT14U - I'm the one for you
INUIM BY - It's not you it is me, bye
ItsU It's you
JstCLME - Just call me
LMFAO - Laughing my freaking *a* off
LMK - Let me know
LstInU - Lost in you
Myplc - My place
No gd excuse BY - No good excuse, bye
NVM - Never mind
POS - Parents over shoulder
QT - Cutie
ResQMe - Rescue me
RmbaYaMne - Remember you're mine
ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing
SMH - Shaking my head
SRy - Sorry
STFU - Shut the *freak* up
StndByYaMan - Stand by your man
SWAG - Super wild ass guess
SXWME? - Sex with me?
t& - Tanned
TkeAChnceOnMe - Take a chance on me
TMIY - Take me I'm yours
Thx - Thanks
UR dumped - You are dumped
W%d U llk 2g04 a drnk - Would you like to go for a drink
WTG - Way To Go!
X - Kiss
YOLO - You only live once
2g4u By - Too good for you Bye
2Hot2Hndle - Too hot to handle
- :*) - Drunk
- =) - Happy
=x or :-x - My lips are sealed

Remember to have fun whoever you are texting, and just like our boys here, do make sure you are naked whenever you text. It makes the whole process so much more interesting and can help you get in the mood for all those steamy messages!


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