First Published: Before August 2002
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.
With just days to go till Valentine's Day we've compiled our top 10 great presents for your man or man-to-be. All are available from the OutUK Shop one of the easiest to use and most discreet gay mailorder services on the net, designed for horny lads just like you! We've got a huge range of videos and DVDs, poppers and aromas, rainbow products, leatherwear, dildos, vibrators, magazines, books, gifts and clothing. So here are a few of our favourite items that'll help your Valentine's Day go with a bang! If you buy online, you'll need to allow at least 48 hours for delivery to most parts of the UK.

Absolute Makos - Christopher Makos

Photographer Christopher Makos shares some of his stunning photographs, beautifully reproduced images in this great collection. Must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Rainbow / Red Ribbon Goody Pack

Rainbow Goody Pack worth up to 39.99 includes:
Rainbow Motif Vest - select M, L or XL
Rainbow Air Freshener
Rainbow Bumper Sticker


Mr Willy Chocolate Novelty

Some people think chocolate is as good as sex. Well here's your chance to combine the two with a Mr Willy solid chocolate novelty. How do you take yours?

Three Piece Cock & Ball Divider

Spice up your Valentine's night with this sexy three piece cock and ball divider which will help make sure your passion never dies down. Made of good quality leather with stud fastenings.

Nylon Zip Front / Back Shorts

Cool, silky and sensual nylon shorts with a zip front and back for the beach or bedroom! Choose your size & colour - a choice of sensual black, cool white or passionate red.

Better Gay Sex - DVD

This is one of the most lavishly produced erotic gay videos ever made. Featuring eight of Britains sexiest guys, Better Gay Sex illustrates the beauty, passion and sensuality of man on man sex. Includes 50 erotic photos.

Wet Original

One of the most popular lubes available. Wet Original formular water based lubricant gel. Perfect for use with condoms, and in a handy 100ml bottle.

Lucas Ridgeston Cock

We've all dreamt of taking a Bel Ami boy to our bed, well here's your chance to have the next best thing. It's a moulded cock of the Bel Ami star Lucas Ridgeston, life size and modelled exactly like the guy himself.

Hotter Than Hell

OutUK's Simon Sheppard, author of our SexTalk series, takes erotic writing to new levels of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual sexuality.

t-boy Striped T Shirt

All t-boy garments are made to the highest standards and using the best quality fabrics with Lycra for a perfect fit and great performance. This striped t-shirt comes in white with black stripes in small, medium or large sizes.


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