Test your knowledge of safer sex and related matters by trying this quiz compiled with the help of Jamie Taylor of GayMenFightingAids. All you need to do is choose all your answers and then see how well you've done by pressing the "Get Score" button below.

1. How can you recognise better condoms for anal sex?
It feels like you've put your dick in a wellington boot
The British standard kite mark
Lots of bobbly bits and it tastes of Philadelphia

2. Are you more at risk of HIV transmission if you’re a bottom rather than a top assuming no protection is used?
The Same

3. What was the first AIDS service organisation in the UK?
GMFA (originally Gay Men Fighting AIDS)
Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC)
The Terrence Higgins Trust

4. What is the most popular sex position for bottoming?

5. What is 'PrEP'?
Chatting up another man before having sex
Medication taken before sex to reduce the risk of HIV
The preparation or cleaning you do before having gay sex

6. What’s the most common STI amongst men who have sex with men?

7. What's the quickest way to burst a condom without using anything harder than your dick?
Banging like a barn door in a gale
Using too small a size
Use an oil-based lubricant

8. What’s the average erect penis length in the UK to the nearest inch?
5 inches
7 inches
9 inches

9. What are 'poppers'?
A recreational drug sometimes inhaled before sex
People who pop in and out a relationship
A slang word for your fly buttons

10. Which organ makes anal play pleasurable for men?

11. How many people in the UK are thought to be HIV positive?

12. What's a 'power bottom'?
A man who enjoys penetration but takes the active role
Extremely aggressive anal sex
An electric butt plug

13. Which of these STIs can you NOT be vacinated against?
HPV (Human {PapillomaVirus)
Hepatitis B

14. How often do the NHS recommend gay and bisexual men get a full STI test?
Once a month
Every six months
Once a year

15. We all know VVVWE in a contact ad means "liar" but what does CBT stand for?
Cash Before Trade
Can't Be Topped
Cock and Ball Torture

Your Score =

Correct answers:


0% - 10%:
Come on, be serious. The questions are not that hard,
so why are you getting all tied up in knots?
11% - 30%:
Look, I'm sure you can do better than this.
31% - 50%:
Not bad, but have another go anyway.
51% - 75%:
Hey that's better. You're obviously trying.
75% - 99%:
Magic. Can I be your boyfriend?.
What a stonker of a score! Well done. You are clearly on the ball.
What a shame there are no prizes this week!


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