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We are happy to answer any queries regarding OutUK, but before contacting our Customer Services why not review the most common issues that are asked and see if your question is answered. If not just email: support@outuk.com.


I pay my Premium Membership subscription by credit or debit card. What do I do if I want to cancel it?

To cancel your membership you should do it online on the website of the credit card billing company who are processing your subscription. This ensures that your subscription cancellation takes place immediately.

If you email our Customer Service there is likely to be some delay before your cancellation is activated, particularly over weekends and bank holidays. If you leave your cancellation till immediately before your renewal date, you may well be charged a further month should you choose not to cancel online because of this inevitable delay in dealing with your request. When you cancel ensure that you note down the Transaction or Cancellation number, as you will need it should you wish to query a charge to your credit card or bank account. To check the name of the company processing your subscription look on your credit card statement or on the email that you get every time your card is charged for your subscription.

Currently all subscriptions are processed by Inet-Cash. You can cancel online by clicking here. If you have forgotten your password click here.

If you have any questions regarding your subscription, charges to your credit card or need help in cancelling then you can contact OutUK direct at support@outuk.com. We normally respond to all emails within 1 business day. If you are unable to access a computer then you can call us during European business hours at +31 23 202 3708.

When I try and join as a Premium Member I get a "Please enable cookies" message before I get to the form to enter my card details...
To enable cookies in Internet Explorer go to Tools>Privacy>Advanced> and ensure that either the Override Automatic Cookie Handling box is not ticked, or if it is, that Accept First & Third Party Cookies options are ticked. If you have enabled cookies then this error is usually caused by the clock settings on your computer. Click on the time on the bottom right of your screen and ensure that the time is correct and you are set to GMT+1 (Amsterdam Berlin etc) time zone. If you are trying to join from a country outside the GMT+1 time zone, you will need to temporarily reset your clock to the GMT+1 time and the GMT+1 time zone. Other browsers such as Chrome, Netscape and Safari work in a very similar way.

I've joined as a Premium or Free Member, but when I try and log in nothing happens and there's nowhere to enter my username and password...
When you try and log in to a Password Protected area a grey box should pop-up where you can enter your details. If nothing happens it may be you are running an old version of Internet Explorer. Go to Internet Explorer>Help>About and see which version you have. You can update your Internet Explorer to the latest version at www.microsoft.com. If you have a current version of Internet Explorer it may be that your browser settings have been corrupted. Go to Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Advanced and click on Restore Default Settings>Apply>OK. If this still doesn't cure the problem restart your computer. If you are still having difficulty, or you are having problems using Chrome, Netscape or Safari, contact support@outuk.com.

How can I unsubscribe from being a Free Member?
Just write to support@outuk.com and we will remove you from our list. You'll also find a link on the emails we occasionally send you.

Why won't my password work?
OutUK contains a number of password-protected areas. Because they are operated from totally separate databases you need to make sure that you are using the correct username/password combination valid for that area. For example access to the Premium Member's area is generated by our credit card processing company and we have no control over the usernames and passcodes they generate. Please be aware that your Free Membership password giving you access to OutStrip will not work if you want to create or edit a Profile. Similarly if you're a Premium Member you'll still need a Profile username/password to create or amend your Profile. Remember too that our Free Membership database uses a double opt-in system to protect you from receiving spam. You have to confirm that you want to join, once your receive your initial welcome email in order to validate your membership. If you are not sure about your passwords then contact support@outuk.com and we'll sort it out for you. We aim to answer customer service queries in 1 business day.

I've put my correct username and password in but I still can't access a Member's area.
If you have a number of websites open at the same time, or you have previously entered an incorrect password or username, incorrect information may be stored in your computer's memory. Close all your windows and restart Internet Explorer. If this still doesn't cure the problem restart your computer. If you are still having difficulty contact support@outuk.com.

If you are a Premium Member it may be that your subscription has expired either because your credit card has passed its expiry date, or for some reason our processing company was unable to charge your subscription. Currently it is not possible to change your credit card expiry date or alter your card details online. Please contact support@outuk.com for assistance.

I've forgotten my username and/or password, so should I sign up again for Free Membership with another email address?
No, because if you do you'll end up getting two copies of any email we might occasionally send out. Just email support@outuk.com and we'll send you your details.


How much of OutUK is free?
You only have to pay for content in our Premium Members area and for other additional features such as full-length streaming videos. These areas contain content such as photographs, videos and other features suitable for an audience aged 18 or over. For this you pay a subscription or use a premium rate phone dial connection. All the other sections of OutUK are free. If you want to view our OutStrip area of photographs you will need to become a Free Member by registering your email address and making a statement of age. OutStrip features content not suitable for viewing by users who might access it by mistake. It's best compared with the kind of late-night films shown on tv.

Why do you need my email address when I register as a Free Member?
We need to send you your username and password to confirm your identity. We will also send you an occasional update about OutUK. We never sell your email address or other details to a third-party, but please read our Privacy Policy which explains how we store and use any information you provide us. Normally we will only send you one email a week. You can see our full privacy policy in our full terms and conditions.

OutUK is such a big site I find it difficult to find what I'm looking for...
We provide a text-only Site Map which clearly explains where everything is.

Can I still be a Free Member and not receive any OutUK email?
Receiving occasional emails from us is a condition of being a free member. As you can imagine the costs of operating OutUK are considerable and we think that being sent less than one email a week is not too much to ask for having access to 1000s of pages of content and photographs.

I'm worried about having gay pictures and videos on my computer.
Many of our models are UK lads taken by our own photographer and we require our models to provide two proofs of identity and age such as a passport, college identity card, driving licence or a utility bill. We will not take pictures of lads under 18. We also only use other photographers who insist on a similar level of identity and age check. All our records are on file. We do not use any photographs stolen from other websites or newsgroups supposedly in the public domain. The only photographs in the public domain are those taken by a photographer who died at least fifty years ago who did not pass on the copyright to his or her descendants. If we did steal these pictures and videos we would not be able to prove the identity or age of the models at the time the pictures were taken. We also think that it's only fair that the lads and the photographers should be paid for their work.

We do recommend though that you do not store these pictures and videos on your hard-drive. It is best to keep them on a separate device such as a zip disc or other external memory store. All computers store this information and a simple Delete or Empty Recycle Bin will not remove this trail. You need to regularly clean up your computer which also has the advantage of freeing a lot of memory. Don't wait till your computer breaks down when it'll be too late and the technician at your computer store will be able to see everything.

Why should I pay for OutUK Premium Membership when there's lots on the internet for free?
We think it's all about quality and convenience. How many times have you accessed a free site and your computer has crashed with the number of redirects. You'll also find that many free sites download spyware onto your computer which slows it down. Our Premium Members area contains complete photosets of up to 100 pictures with no banners and you don't have to spend hours searching for what you want. You'll also see new pictures and new lads many of them who've never been on the net before, not just the same old photographs. We also like to think OutUK is a community and we welcome your comments and feedback.


I can't access College Boys Live and get an Error Message...
You need to adjust the security settings on your computer. In Internet Explorer 6 and above go to Tools>Internet Options>Security and move the slider down to Low. This allows you to run active content from another website when you're logged in to OutUK. You may like to change the setting after viewing College Boys Live if you want to revert to your original security levels. If you have an earlier version of Internet Explorer please contact support@outuk.com. Other browsers such as Chrome, Netscape and Safari work in a very similar way - do contact us if you have issues.

The site is not displaying properly...
OutUK is designed for a monitor setting of 800 x 600. You will get the best results if you view the site using Internet Explorer 6 and above or other browsers such as Chrome, Netscape and Safari.


You can get in contact with OutUK using the details on our Contact Page.


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