First Published: November 2004
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THE DEFEAT by Michael Hinzman - continued

The election was so close one has to wonder how it is possible the election could have went the way it did. The midnight hour brought anxiety as we watched states falling to the left and right. This race shows evidence of just how divided our nation truly is. It would seem with the bigger picture that we would focus as Americans, and not as separate communities. Our Nations state is a mess, and it is a sure fact, that it will not change with current leadership.

While some are confused, disappointed, and at a low during the sad news of defeat, there is a larger more pressing issues at hand. Do not allow this defeat to weaken our voice, nor derail our message. The gay community is now receiving more recognition than ever before. Remember our triumphs, and allow those to carry us on.

We must continue the fight for our equal rights. We must not falter in our ways, as we are making head way here. Let us endure this loss while learning from it. Positive thinking can astound one. It is important for our community that we continue through this dark and unsure hour, with our cause. Our community has suffered much worse, remembering “This too shall pass.”

So accept the fact that our man lost, and let us hope for better things from Bush. With a Nation that obviously has awakened and heard our voice, we shall surely continue to make headway into the next four years. It is but a moment in the big scheme of things. So continue your campaign efforts campaigning for a better tomorrow for our community, as well as our Nation. The division that was so obviously present within the election process was a wake up call for our Country.

Now is the time for us to pull together as a community, more than ever. Getting involved while contributing to the cause. Continue allowing the powers that be to hear our cry for equal rights. We are on the dawn of a new age, where homosexuals will become as the equals we so rightfully deserve to be. Allowing our counterparts within the heterosexual community to realize our worth, as well as our contributions to this our great Nation.

Pray that Bush will become enlightened during these next four years. Pray that leaders like Kerry will begin a new generation of leaders dedicated to the equal rights of all diverse men and women everywhere. Most of all pray for our Country, as it is surely has not seen the worst of this great rift ever-present within our own borders.



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