First Published: Before August 2002
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Comedy Camp, which has been described as the "UK's top 'straight-friendly' lesbian and gay comedy club" goes from strength -to-strength with performances from some of the friendly club's most popular acts and top comedians at the Soho club.
Hosted by resident compere Simon Happily (right), fantastic live and TV comedian Paul Tonkinson - who has presented such programmes as The Sunday Show (with Donna McPhail), the Big Breakfast & will soon host ITV's Take The Mike - makes his Comedy Camp debut on Tuesday 7th May.

May's other fantastic headliners are the Aussie Air Stewardess from Hell Pam Ann, controversial San Franciscan Scott Capurro and the Music Hall Queen Dame Ida Barr. While Comedy Camp has a gay slant, it aims to attract a mixed audience with a blend of top acts - both gay and straight - like Scott Capurro and circuit favourite Stephen K. Amos.

"Just as increasing numbers of straight people are happy to go to trendy gay bars, Comedy Camp is by no means a separatist comedy club - I'm already pleasantly surprised at the wide range of acts - lesbian, gay and straight - who have leapt at the chance to perform there." Simon told OutUK. "Thanks to Comedy Camp's ever-growing reputation as the place to perform at - not to mention the place to see live comedy - I'm able to get bigger and better acts as well as bringing back those who bring the roof down time after time.

The rest of April looks great too. Tuesday 16th features a top surreal television comic who's too famous to be named, but just think high-collared wit, then the following week top-billing goes to hysterical camp Aussie Julia Morris. Comedy Camp is every Tuesday at Barcode in Archer Street and reservations are recommended. You can get more info and details at

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