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    First Published: March 2010
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.
This year's London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival once again provides an unrivalled opportunity for you to experience the best of gay cinema from across Europe and the world. Now in its 24th year, there are with no less than 75 feature length movies and documentaries from around the world, with the best of the fest going on a nationwide tour between Easter and September, writes OutUK's Mike Gray.
The weeks before Easter are always eagerly awaited by fans of gay cinema, and this year's LLGFF is no exception. OutUK users will no doubt want to steer clear of films like The Topp Twins which is all about a pair of lesbian folk singing & yodelling twins who are apparently very big in New Zealand, and On Your Back Woman! a Swedish short about lesbians who wrestle.

However there are some exciting new films being screened which you will be unlikely to see at your local multiplex.

All Boys is a full-length documentary about the porn industry in Prague. It follows director Marrku Heikkinen on a trip to meet the producers and performers in an industry where a boy who makes his first film at 18 often is unemployable 2 years later.
All Boys
Many end up on the streets or homeless. One of the key interviews is with bareback film director Dan Komar and one of his former stars and ex-boyfriend Roda Prohacka.

Of the 75 feature length films and documentaries many have won awards at other international festivals, and this year there are outstanding contributions from Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Argentina, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand and the USA. Add to this hundreds of short films and the weeks leading up to Easter offer a feast to afficionados of gay and lesbian cinema.

Other highlights include Brotherhood an award-winning Danish drama about gay members of a European neo-Nazi movement, and a Centrepiece Screening from Canada of I Killed My Mother which exposes the vulnerabilities and frustrations of growing up as a gay teenager which is directed by 20-year old Xavier Dolan.

I Killed My Mother
The Closing Night Gala on 31st March is Children Of God a gorgeously photographed first feature by Kareem J Mortimer and set in the Bahamas.
It's a classic love story of a young artist whose creativity is reignited by a local boy. Set in the Bahamas the plot unfolds against a backdrop of violent homophobia and social identity it's a striking examination of identity and gay politics in this former British colony in the Caribbean.
Children Of God

Booking Info

The LLGFF is based around the BFI on London's South Bank and there's a host of special events and club nights coinciding with the festival. You can get full details of every film at where you can also book online. There's also a free brochure available. And don't forget many of the films are being shown at independent cinemas around the UK between May and September.


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