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    First Published: June 2003
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.

If you're a fan of Europop and Abba then Swedish boy band Bobby will be right up your alley. They've just released what they describe as the world's first bi-sexual song He's/She's No.1. It's free to download and uses the new digImpro player which plays infinite different versions of the same song.
Bobby have been described as one of the most talented all male bands to come out of Sweden since The Hives. Torben, Lars and Julle write all their own songs and design much of their distinctive and outrageous wardrobe. These new New Romantics are easily recognized by their pancake make-up and sharp, clean cut tailoring and eclectic tone that has more than a touch of Duran Duran and 80s electro beat.
"The song She's No 1 is about how a boy feels about the first great love of his life. The more we rehearsed; it became clear that it didn't represent the fact that love is universal, and we wanted to make that clear in spite of having such obviously gender bound lyrics," says Torben. "Many young men and women listening to She's No. 1 can identify with the sentiment of the song and want to sing it to their lovers regardless of them being male or female. When George Michael sang 'Last Christmas I gave you my heart' it appeared that he was singing to a woman, we now all know that may not of been the case. Having access to DI technology enabled us to record both "he" and "she" versions of the song onto the same track. It's our expression of the fact that love is love regardless of gender."
Bobby have a cult following in Scandinavia and their previous singles have received critical acclaim in Sweden. Their current hits Sooner Or Later and Losing Control are climbing the charts and they have just released their first album Romantic And Bleeding.

Available worldwide He's/She's No.1 can be downloaded free of charge from the internet at You'll need a broadband connection as its a 31mb .di file. DI is a new digital improvisation format that enables you to play infinite versions of the same track.

More about digImpro and Free Player

Download He/She's No 1

Bobby Official Website


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