'ad it with Amsterdam? OutUK's Adrian Gillan reaches Nether-parts other guides don't reach in Holland's nearby historic and cultural gem of Utrecht.
Utrecht is the capital, and most populous city, of the Dutch province of Utrecht; and the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, with a population of around 300,000 - double if you include its surrounds.

Utrecht University is the Netherlands' largest uni - so town's throbbing with young student cuties nearly all year round.

Due to the city's geographically central position within the country - as "Holland's heartland" - it is also an important transport hub, as evidenced by its vast railway station. A mere ½-hour by train direct from Schiphol Airport - and just 20 minutes from Amsterdam's Central Station - it is easily accessible, either on its own account, or in combination with the admittedly better-known Dutch capital.

Settled since at least Roman times, Utrecht has been the religious epicentre of the Netherlands since the 8th Century and is currently the home of the Archbishop of Utrecht, the most important Dutch Roman Catholic leader; of the main protestant group; and of countless churches, many of which throw open their doors for concerts, late summer, during the Kerken Kijken Festival.


The city's medieval core is well-preserved, clustered around the Dom Tower - at 112 metres, the nation's tallest spire. Climb its 465 steps to inspect the bells and gain your giddy bearings. It used to be attached to the nearby splendid St. Martin's Cathedral until a Tornado hit town in 1674, crashing right through, and inadvertently creating an infamous former gay cruising grounds amongst the rubble. Note the discreet-yet-prominent, poignant plaque 'twixt tower and cathedral, commemorating cruisers who were "arrested, convicted and… strangled". Gulp. Thankfully, today's attitudes are a far cry!
Sticking to the religious theme, check out the spankingly newly-renovated and vibrant Catharijne Convent Museum - the museum for the Christian culture and art of the entire Netherlands, housed in a medieval monastery a mere spit-n-spunk from said Dom. Far from dusty, it glitters with famous pictures, ancient manuscripts, statues, altar pieces, holy robes and relics.
The Dom Tower.
You get a good overview of the broader history and culture of the city and area at the lively Centraal Museum featuring prominent regional paintings, furnishings, fashion and design - notably the work of celebrated local designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964). Don't miss the wonderfully preserved 1000-year old wooden barge; or the intricate giant-sized dollhouse!

Just across the way, pop into child-enticing Dick Bruna Huis which houses, and celebrates, the distinctly simple and direct draughtsmanship of local, still-living illustrator, Dick Bruna - perhaps best known for his much-loved long-eared cartoon bunny, Miffy.

Undoubtedly, the most relaxing way to view the city is via the hour's round trip, gliding along Utrecht's unique sunken waterways on a Canal Tour - complete with whacky commentary.


And Utrecht is definitely a muncher's Mecca, boasting a plethora of modern Dutch cuisine eateries, often in unusual, atmospheric settings. Check out ambient, candle-lit Pand 33 overlooking the Nieuwegracht (New Canal) for something really special.
You can get lost in the scrumptious menu at snug and friendly Cafe Kalff, in a long cellar which once again, opens out onto the rather pleasant and shimmering Oudegracht. Everyone is welcome as their slogan is - "Go where you're celebrated, not where you're tolerated" - and we'd certainly agree with that! The bar offers a range of raindow shirt clothing and homeware accessories that you can purchase there or online, including a set of stunning glasses for your nightly G&T!
Gay bar Cafe Kalff, which is located at Oudegracht 47 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, since 2011.
Photo: Paul2, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Utrecht's student-dominated gay scene has gay bars on the central Oudegracht; plus several nearby clubs which have weekly or monthly gay parties attracting a young crowd, and those in tow. There's normally at least one after-party on at the weekend, so ask around.
Bodytalk, is nearby and it lures a generally slightly older crowd; but all sorts end up drawn in by its extra-late opening hours. This is a super classic but still very modern Dutch gay bar that was one of the first in the Netherlands. If you prefer you can also descend its inner steps to the lower, more dancy and cruisy, U-Bar. Both venues have friendly staff and attract colorful locals many of whom speak English. On Fridays during their happy hour, the bartender will even provide some homemade snacks.

Also worth a visit is ACU which is a well established bar & club hosting cultural events including live music, spoken word, political meetings & films. They have a range of events including some for gay men as part of a mixed programme that's been running at the venue for more than 40 years.

Getting to know the locals at a Pann night.
The club that pulls in the queer youth with monthly nights quite often on Saturdays, is Pann, which is often held at the Tivoli de Helling, on De Helling. Check precise details on their website, as the venue can change from time to time when the club night go off to visit other venues.

And we fully recommend the gay-beckoning 4-star Malie Hotel on eponymous Maliestraat - a quiet residential district, a pleasant stroll just east of centre, scene and sites.


The Queer Film Festival Utrecht (QFFU) has been the LGBTQI+ film festival in Utrecht since 2019. The festival has a unique programming in the field of LGBTQI+ films in combination with an entertaining and in-depth side program. Diversity, inclusiveness and accessibility are central. With their films and side programming, they tell stories from different corners of the gay community. Not only in cinemas, but also on the street, in cafes and community centers, through the city center and in various neighbourhoods. They try and turn Utrecht into one big cinema.


KLM fly direct to nearby Amsterdam from no fewer than 14 UK airports, for as little as £77 return, including taxes. BA also have many flights a day to Amsterdam, and Easyjet have even more - it's one of their most frequent routes. Be sure to compare prices before booking. For general info about Utrecht check out utrechtyourway.nl or holland.com


ACU (Voorstraat 71; T: +31 30 231 4590; Website)
Pand 33 (Nieuwegracht 33; T: +31 30 231 7494; Website)
Bodytalk (Oudegracht 64; +31 30 231 5747; Website)
Cafe Kalff (Oudegracht a/d Werf 159; +31 30 231 0919; Website; facebook)
Malie Hotel (Maliestraat 2; T: +31 30 231 6424; Website)
Pann (Tivoli de Helling, De Helling 7; Website)
Queer Film Festival Utrecht (Abel Tasmanstraat 26; Website)
U-Bar (Oudegracht 64; Website)

Revised August 2022.


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