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OutUK's Adrian Gillan hunts down horny Herrs in Hamburg, Germany’s second city with its proud reputation for some great Pride celebrations.

Birthplace of Brahms and launch pad of The Beatles, Hamburg is Germany’s understated city of wealth. It's greener and cleaner than either Berlin or Munich, although much of its history was firebombed by us during the war.


Hamburg boasts not just one gay scene but two - make that three. So you’ll have to decide which one’s yours on any given night.

The biggest and most central is in the old St Georg district just to the east of the main station where rail connections come in from the airport. Most gay venues here are along, just off or in between two main streets called Lange Reihe and Steindamm.

The Lange Reihe is a long, narrow road full of small cafés and boutiques. There is no shortage of inexpensive gay-run eateries.

A beer and a mouthful of German sausage is well worth the cost of the flight to Hamburg.
Rustic and basic Café Uhrlaub has been as a Gay Cafe with bar and guesthouse on the Langen Reihe in Hamburg since 1984. They serve breakfast, a daily changing lunchtime table, a la carte hot meals, homemade cakes, as well as a bar and cocktails.

Rather more stylish and atmospheric is the lovely deco-chic Café Gnosa with its amazing selection of cakes and a fine array of fit and friendly waiters - very laid back and the perfect place to while away and dream.

The Cafe Gnosa is a great place to relax and meet the locals


But if it's gay bars you want, try the real thing. Daniel's Company is a very popular watering hole near the station where thirsty queers hoard its bar ‘in the round’ - an interesting mix of drunken bores, young cutsies and glamorous dykes.

And now: for something cruisier? Check out the Thomaskellar, a few doors down, in a cosy basement not short of boys. Or indeed, you can easily find fast love at a price at Pick Up Gay Bar – one of several ‘hustler bars’ of the sort we don’t find here in the UK.

If you prefer your men free - apart from the door charge and the drinks - there are lots of fetish bars in town.Club Voyage is a labyrinth likewise for leather but with some SM thrown in.

Tom’s Saloon is a well-known basement cruise bar just off Steindamm where almost any code goes away a load or two lighter. Tom of Finland was a regular and the bar has been named after him. It's also one of the homes of the annual Hamburg Leatherparty which takes place each August.

If you are yourself young or in search of youth, you need only stagger upstairs into a small popular club area where chicken and bunnies abound, dancing to pop and dance.

For something heavier, S.L.U.T. Club Hamburg caters for all types of fetish and its reputation lives up to its name. Leather, Rubber, Chaps, Workers, Kinky, Skin, Boots, Braces, Pigs, Masters, Slaves, Uniform, Army and Bikers are all welkl catered for and they have a dresscode for all the SLUT events and parties. Some of their special nights inslude: 18 Cum Shot, Sleazy & Eazy, Shooter Friday, Horse Fair Market, The Cocksucker Club and All You Can Fuck Sundays.

HAMBURG LEDERTREFFEN LEATHER PARTY 2023 takes place from: Thursday 3rd August to Sunday 6th August 2023. The annual international gay fetish meeting is hosted by the local leather and fetish club MSC-Hamburg e.V. The event is held in August each and includes the election of the Mr. Leather Hamburg and the main party aboard the MS Stubnitz. All fetishes are welcome. This years there's a get-together in the S.L.U.T. Club; Leather & Fetish Dinner at the Blockbräu-Restaurant; and the Main-Party and Farewell Brunch at MS Stubnitz. Immerse yourself in the vibe of the legendary Ledertreffen, the oldest fetish event in the world!

Amongst the bars worth checking out are WunderBar in Talstraße, which is a Gay party bar in the red-light district St. Pauli with chart and German Schlager music. It can be very crowded at weekends with clientele mainly in their 20s and 30s. Generation Bar in Lange Reihe is a stylish cocktail cafe-bar with mixed clientele and M&V Bar just down the road is a Large hetero-friendly gay bar, with cosy booth seating which is usually very crowded at Friday and Saturday night.

The Bellini Bar has long been an institution in the heart of St. Georg directly on the Lange Reihe. It's popular with gay guys and mixes tasteful design and Italian flair. They have good music in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Closeby is Gaybar Extratour, a friendly gay bar that's popular with a young, mixed crowd and open until late and Karaoke Bar Kunterbunt, a small cute bar great music and great atmosphere, which hosts karaoke on some nights.

Foto: NordNordWest, Lizenz: Creative Commons by-sa-3.0 de CC BY-SA 3.0 DE, via Wikimedia Commons


And there are some nice surprises to be had over the road at the spacious, clean and attractive Dragon Sauna - one of the best designed I’ve encountered on all my global trots. Unusually laid-out sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and cabins - complete with dishy guys - make this a must-have German gem.

Boy toy shops surround you on Steindamm, peddling the usual videos and mags, plus the continental penchant for porn cinemas and private cabins for hire. If that’s you’re thing, check out the biggest of the lot World of Sex. BDSM, sex toys, a sex pharmacy and there's a cinema program that runs non-stop and is changed daily. There's also New Man City, an adult entertainment store and gay sex cinema with a wide range of items situated close to Toms Saloon. It's a bookshop with porn DVDs, sex toys and all you'll ever need to entertain your man.

We can recommend Hotel Königshof on Pulverteich to lay your queery head – clean, spacious, stylish and modern with generous breakfasts. And so central - in the heart of the main gay quarter!

You can reserve a room using our online service by clicking the Booking logo below.

Hamburg's gushing out all over.


There is a smaller and more mixed gay district over to the west at St Pauli, about 15 minutes away by rail. Piccadilly is a unique and comfy pub that looks like it’s in someone’s front room and is packed with coffee pots from around the world. Wunderbar is this area’s bar-cum-club where the cutsies hang out, but in such numbers of a weekend eve there’s no room to fall over, let alone dance. There's also Toom-Peerstall close by which is a cozy bar that's popular with the queer community, neighbours and all tolerant cosmopolitan people.

There are two gay disco clubs in Hamburg both on the West side in St Pauli. PINK INC is Northern Germany's largest queer party. With a changing program, International DJ and DJane bookings, drag queens, gogo boys, show acts and welcome shots, they let the neighborhood shine in the most beautiful colors of the rainbow. Meanwhile 136 Grad goes for the techno gay crowd and lets you be carried away to melodic beats, increases in ecstasy, feeling body to body and the freedom of the night.

Apollo Sauna is just North of the St Pauli - West Village. They offer guests a cosy bar, a steam sauna, showers, a plunge pool and a Finnish sauna. There's video screens, a smoking room, as well as numerous relaxation cabins for cruising, and a darkroom for the entertainment and relaxation of guests. Men’s Heaven is St Pauli’s best known sauna. Wednesday and Friday is Mixday for women, men and couples, whether straight, bi, gay, TV or TS. Dark labyrinths offer space for chases through the sauna. There's a sling, gyn chair, darkrooms with glory holes, numerous cubicles, playgrounds and many flat screen TVs with porn films.

Worth a mention - if only for the change of scenery - is the small ‘village’ up towards the City Park, beyond the lakes. Check out the Blind Garden in the City Park early evening or weekend afternoons. Turn left out of Borgweg metro staying on that side of the road and cross straight over at the cross-roads, entering the park on the corner where the small wooden sign says Blindgarten. This sunken garden is just behind the pavilion facing you and you'll find action in the bushes all around.


Bellini Gay Bar (63 Danziger Str.; T: +49 40 28003689; Website)
Café Gnosa (Lange Reihe 93; T: 0049 40 24 30 24; Website)
Café Uhrlaub (Lange Reihe 63; T: 0049 40 280 26 24; Website)
Club Voyage (Danziger Str 21; T: 0049 40 24 08 04; Website)
Daniel's Company Bar (Kreuzweg 6; Website)
Dragon Sauna (Pulverteich 37; T: 0049 40 24 05 14; Website)
Gaybar Extratour (Zimmerpforte 1; T: +49 40 240184; Website)
Generation Bar (Lange Reihe 81; T: 0049 40 280 04 690; Website)
Hotel Königshof (Pulverteich 18; 0049 40 28 40 74 0; Website)
Karaoke Bar Kunterbunt (Bremer Reihe 20; T: +49 40 243328; Website)
M&V Bar (Lange Reihe 22; T; 0049 40 280 06 973; Website)
New Man City (Pulverteich 8; T: +49 40 240149; Website)
Pick Up Gay Bar (Zimmerpforte 2; T: 0049 40 280 17 38; Website)
S.L.U.T. Club Hamburg (Rostocker Str. 20; Website)
Thomaskellar (Rostocker Str 14; T: 0049 40 280 530 24)
Tom’s Saloon (Pulverteich 17; T: 0049 40 280 30 56; Website)
World of Sex (Steindamm 29; T: +49 40 241695; Website)

136 Grad (Reeperbahn 136; Website)
Apollo Sauna (Max-Brauer-Allee 277; T: +49 40 434811; Website)
Men's Heaven (Steindamm 14; T: 0049 40 28 05 63 94; Website)
Mystery Hall (Talstr 3-4; Website)
Piccadilly (Silbersacktwiete 1; T: 0049 40 319 24 74; Website)
PINK INC (Spielbudenpl. 27-28; Website)
Toom-Peerstall (Clemens-Schultz-Straße 43; T: +49 40 30089733; Website)
WunderBar (Talstraße 14; facebook; Website)

Revised July 2023.


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