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If your hole needs some tender loving care, maybe you should buy it a buttplug or two.
Buttplugs, unlike dildos, are designed to slip inside and stay there for a while. The plug tapers outward around the middle (think "diamond-shaped profile") so it can't easily slide out, and its nice wide base ensures it can't slide all the way in, either. Buttplugs come, as most anal toys do, in a variety of sizes, and assuming the toy and your sphincter are an approximate match, they can be worn comfortably and safely for a goodly period of time.

Buttplugs provide non-stop entertainment for your nether parts, combining stimulation of an erogenous zone with what many experience as a delicious feeling of fullness. They're also great in either solo or partnered play for training those sphincter muscles to relax. If you're the kind of guy who has trouble loosening up, the gentle insertion of a well-lubed plug can help you get used to getting loose.

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Plugs of graduated sizes can train you to take larger and thicker things up there, too. Start sensibly small and work up to the jumbo guys, and you should soon be able to accommodate supersize visitors. A word of warning, though - a plug that's too small or slim for you might, unless you consciously keep your muscles clenched, pop out, and few guys like their anal toys to go flying across the room.

Buttplugs, like dildos, are made from a variety of materials. Vinyl or rubber ones are cheapest, but hard and relatively inflexible. Jelly-rubber ones are colourful, but porously difficult to keep spotless. Pricier silicone plugs, if they fit into your budget, are probably best - flexibly firm and easiest to clean.

For an extra thrill, consider the vibrating plug. These fellas have a little electric vibrator inside, wired up to a control unit that - in the good ones - allows the user to choose from a sliding scale of sensations, from "Gently Murmuring" to "Holy Cow!" Not only does the vibration persuade many holes to open up more easily, guys often find the added stimulation of their prostate glands is heavenly. And, unlike some cylindrical vibrators (you know, the ones passed off as "facial stimulators" in polite company), vibrating plugs are safe; their substantially flared bases won't allow the whole unit to slip inside where it can become wedged in, resulting in an embarrassing trip to casualty.

There are lots of fun things you can do with buttplugs. They enable you to "fuck" a guy's butt while you're sucking his dick. They also can be props in domination/submission scenes ("I'm gonna put this in you, and you'll keep it in"). And since they can be worn for extended periods, they can even be used in public play; nobody at that expensive restaurant will know you have it in but the two of you. (All but the chunkiest models do tend to work themselves loose, though, so you might want to consider a specially designed harness, or at least very tight underwear, to keep your little friend firmly up your arse.)

The usual precautions apply. Don't share uncleaned toys. (Rubbers help keep things tidy.) Don't let your eyes be bigger than your butthole; be sensible about size and what you (or he) can accommodate. Make sure there are no rough edges; remember, it's delicate in there. Don't ever, ever shove it so far in you won't be able to get it out again. And keep it out of sight when your parents visit. Treated well, your friendly little buttplug can provide you and yours with many evenings of discreet, delightful, arse-tingling pleasure.

Simon Sheppard

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