First Published: January 2007
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Now you've chosen your favourite British lads of 2006, we're going to step up a gear with four of our favourite celebrity models to watch in the next twelve months, writes Derek Strobe of It's our Hot For 07 choice we think you're going to see a whole lot more of in this coming year.

Anton Antipov

From virtual unknown to one of the hottest men on our countdown all year, in 2006, there was seemingly no stopping Anton Antipov. The Belarus native first came to our attention after a reader caught his awesome body of work on, a site devoted to—you guessed it—admiring those almighty abdominal muscles. One look at his pics and I’m sure it’s clear why Anton was featured.

Sure, Anton’s posed for coffee table books and starred in runway shows galore, but he’s a virtual unknown outside the close knit fashion industry. Which is probably why it caught the stud by surprise when he found out he was featured on our countdown last year. He wrote us, thanking us for the exposure, on not one but two occasions. When viewers found out Anton was not only hot but charming, well—bam!

But enough blabbing—on to Anton’s photos. And trust me—we dug up the best of the best!

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