First Published: Before August 2002
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All kiroved out? Feeling absolutely bolshoied? What you need is a refreshing dose of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo who are playing seasons in Belfast, Edinburgh and London till early November following performances in Manchester last week. No ordinary ballet company as you'll find out if you read on.
With endless sell-out performances, a South Bank Show accolade and having recently produced a definitive performance on film, the 'Trocks', as they are affectionately known, are the Bolshoi, Kirov and Pan's People assembléd into one. With their crafty blend of low camp and high art this all-male company doesn't so much mock the art of classical dance as celebrate its foibles.

Their first performance was twenty-six years ago in New York and since then The Trocks have tripped, and tripped...and TRIPPED all over the world. They'll be performing two different programmes mixing old and new, and if you've yet to sample their blend of parody with exceptional technique, fans say you're missing out on what discerning palates are describing as fresh, zesty and fruity, with more than a hint of extraneous body hair.

The two programmes they'll be performing are:

Programme 1
Giselle - Act 2 (the spooky bit)
Mystery Pas de Deux (to be announced in a bit)
I Wanted to Dance With You at the Café of Experience (the new bit a bit like Pina Bausch)
Russian Dance (another new bit - with hats)
Don Quixote (the new full-length bit - with fans)

Programme 2
Swan Lake Act 2 (everyone's favourite bit)
Mystery Pas de Deux (another mystery bit)
La Vivandiere (another new bit based on Perrot)
The Dying Swan (if you don't know this bit where have you been?)
Gaité Parisienne (the full-on can-can bit)

You can see The Trocks at London's Peacock Theatre off Kingsway from Monday 24th September until October 14th, then at Belfast's Waterfall Hall from October 28th-November 3rd and then the Edinburgh Festival Theatre November 8th-10th.


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