First Published: April 2003
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Congrats to everyone who talk part in this year's Walk For Life. Crusaid, the national fundraiser and leading independent grant giver for HIV and AIDS, has announced that the 2003 Walk for Life raised well over £300,000 with the total expected to increase over the coming days and weeks.
Not only is the amount raised a record, more people than ever before turned out to take part in the 10 kilometre sponsored stroll through central London. It's estimated that 4000 walkers trudged the capital’s streets to raise funds for people living with HIV and AIDS both in this country and overseas.
Celebrity Big Brother winner Mark Owen (right)– as well as members of the EastEnders cast – got the Walk underway from London’s Royal Festival Hall. Thousands of people thronged the riverbank to hear Mark talk about the worldwide HIV epidemic and also praise Crusaid for their amazing work over the last 17 years helping people living in dire poverty as a result of a positive HIV diagnosis.

Iain Renwick, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Crusaid said: “Walk for Life 2003 has exceeded all of our expectations. Not only have we smashed the record for the amount raised, but more people than ever before took to the streets of London to raise money for people living with HIV and AIDS.

“HIV and AIDS may not be the most fashionable cause, but the record numbers of people who turned out for Walk for Life 2003 demonstrates that this terrible disease has not been forgotten. Crusaid – and our many supporters both old and new – are determined to keep up the fight against a disease that has now killed over 40 million people worldwide.

“Crusaid would like to thank everyone who played a part in making Walk for Life 2003 the most successful ever – whether it be celebrities, stage acts, DJ’s, trustees, patrons, staff – but most of all the 4000 or so walkers. A truly huge number of people came together to help raise so much money which we will begin to immediately put to use to help people with HIV/AIDS.”

Photography by Scott Nunn


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