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    First Published: August 2003
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.
Corrie is to get its first gay kiss, reports Friday's Daily Express.

Todd Grimshaw, played by actor Bruno Langley, will be seen making a pass at Nicky Platt, played by gay pin-up Adam Rickitt who returns to the soap in the first week of September.

Todd, who's confused about his sexuality, will be seen kissing Nick after a drunken night out and they end up on the sofa together. Nick reacts badly and storms out of the flat.

A Corrie source told the newspaper: “The scene will be screened on 5 October and is guaranteed to provoke a huge reaction.

Adam Rickitt returns to The Street.
Photograph by Neil Marland. Courtesy Granada TV.

“It will be the first gay kiss we have done and we are expecting a varied response from viewers.

“Todd has been wrestling with his sexuality and the Street never shies away from the big issues. It will be done in typical Street fashion and the episode will be a cracker.”

Even though Coronation Street is set in what has to be the gayest city in the UK, Manchester, there's never been a gay kiss screened in the show's 43 year history. Corrie is also the only soap on British tv yet to run a gay storyline.

Todd played by Bruno Langley is already having to cope with finding Bethany electrocuted. Courtesy Granada TV.


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