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    First Published: Before August 2002
       This is an OutUK Archive Item and so some of the links and information may be out of date.
Bangkok will celebrate its second annual Gay Festival in November. The month-long Gay Festival includes parties at venues throughout Bangkok and an exhibition of paintings by gay Thai artists. The month-long celebration will culminate with Thailand's biggest Mardi Gras-style parade on November 5, along Bangkok’s “Main Street,” Silom Road.

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Last year’s inaugural event attracted a crowd of about 40,000. This year’s event is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of onlookers and three times as many parade floats. The climax of the Festival will be a series parties at several discos and gay nightlife spots in the Silom Road area following the parade.

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The main purpose of the festival, say organizers, is to promote the important role of Asian gay men within national and international communities and to unite gay power to defeat AIDS in Thailand.

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Although it has not been extensively promoted outside Thailand, the Festival is attracting visitors from North America, Europe, Australia throughout Asia, including numerous groups from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong. Many of Bangkok's smaller gay-friendly hotels are already sold out. offer discounted flights to Bangkok or if you fancy a gay package look at


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