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You can watch them hour after hour as they eat, drink, sleep, wash, swim, workout and play, and you can see them entertain their friends and do what every collegeboy likes to do.

CollegeBoysLive broadcasts every moment of their day - when they are asleep, when they are awake, and yes when they are having sex. You can watch what happens in the house and chat with the guys every evening online between 10pm and 6am (EST 5pm-1am). Read about all the guys, take a look at their online diaries, see the most exciting shots taken by the cams during the last few days and enjoy all the CollegeBoysLive picture galleries.


7 days Access All Areas
After a week's unlimited access your pass expires and you won't be rebilled.

Monthly Premium Membership
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Minimum Recommended System Requirements:
PC or Mac system - Pentium 166Mhz or better
32 Megabytes of RAM or better
56K Internet Connection or better
Screen Resolution 800x600 or higher
IE 6.xx or Netscape 4.xx Browser or AOL  5 or higher
WebTV is not supported

If you have any difficulty in connecting to the CollegeBoysLive webcams there's a simple setting which you need to alter on your Internet Explorer browser. Just go to Tools then Internet Options then Privacy and move the slider setting to one notch above Low. This allows your computer to connect to the external CBL feed. You can of course easily reset it to its normal setting after viewing CBL. If you have any further problems you can always e-mail us or call our Helpline on 00 31 20 6464 286 during Mondays to Fridays excl holidays from 10am til 6pm.


Ever wondered just what it would be like to be on camera for all of your life. Well OutUK has been to the Cam House in Orlando and talked to Zac who set up the site, some of the Guys past and present who star on it. You can find out why they like to show the world what they get up to in a special feature written exclusively for OutUK.

OutUK's CollegeBoysLive Feature

CollegeBoysLive ChatTimes

Not only can you see the guys at CollegeBoysLive every hour they are in the house, but you can talk with them every evening between 10pm and 6am, that's 5pm-1am Eastern Standard Time (5 hours behind). Once you have entered CollegeBoysLive click on ChatRoom, and after a few seconds loading you'll be able to talk to the guys who live in the house and all the other CollegeBoysLive fans around the world.

Here's tonight's schedule, which may be subject to change at short notice. Times stated are EST (5 hours behind the UK):

CollegeBoysLive Profiles and Diaries

Get to know the CollegeBoysLive You can read their personal diaries and profiles before returning to this page to get full access to the cams, archive cam pictures, profile pictures and the chat room.


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